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UWindsor Engineering Capstone Design

Welcome to UWindsor Engineering student innovation!

On this page, you'll learn more about the Faculty of Engineering's Capstone Design program and student-driven solutions to real-world problems. Due to COVID-19, this year's cohort was unable to present its projects to the community during the faculty's annual Capstone Design Demonstration Day. Instead, a video competition judged by capstone endowment industry partners, Windsor Mold Group and Valiant TMS, was held to showcase some of the most innovative projects.

Capstone projects challenge fourth-year engineering students to apply the formal knowledge they’ve gained during their undergraduate studies to solve real-world problems. Students combine the technical skills and hands-on experience they acquired in school to design a project related to their chosen discipline. 

The team-based projects are the culmination of the undergraduate program and a requirement for degree completion. Students are typically graded on their projects during Capstone Design Demonstration Day held at the Ed Lumley Centre for Engineering Innovation. 

A message from the Dean

We are so proud of our students for putting their engineering, teamwork and communications skills to work in the Faculty of Engineering’s challenging capstone design course. We invite you to view some of the most innovative projects of 2020 listed below selected by our valued capstone endowment industry partners, Windsor Mold Group and Valiant TMS.

On behalf of the faculty, I’d like to thank of all our industry and community partners who challenged this year’s capstone teams to find solutions to real-world engineering problems. You all play an important role in supporting our students and faculty.

Whether you are an industrial partner, mentor or donor, your gifts of time and financial support help position our future engineers for success. We thank you for supporting the next generation of innovators!

Dr. Mehrdad Saif


Dr. Mehrdad Saif, P.Eng.
Dean, Faculty of Engineering
Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering



Windsor Mold Group Innovation Awards

On behalf of Windsor Mold, we would like to extend our sincere congratulations to all the students presenting their Capstone projects! 2020 has been a challenging year, full of new opportunities, and has forced us to change the way we see and interact with the world around us. In reflection of this year and this great achievement you are all experiencing, I can’t help but be filled with excitement and eagerness to see how you all impact the world as you conclude your university career and begin to enter industry. Your education, work ethic, creativity and tenacity will carry you through your next chapter and industry will be better because of you.

Dave MastronardiWhile we would have much preferred to be with you in person to share in the excitement of your accomplishments, we are grateful to have had the opportunity to spend some time over the past week learning about the innovative projects you all have undertaken this year. We would love to hear from you if you have any questions about Windsor Mold, any career opportunities, or just to make a connection! Until we see each other again, be well, stay safe, and good luck!

Dave Mastronardi
President and Chief Operating Officer
Windsor Mold Group
Windsor Mold Group

Valiant TMS Innovation Awards

Along with the entire Valiant TMS team I congratulate University of Windsor Engineering students on the completion of your Capstone projects. Although due to the pandemic your Capstone Design Demonstration Day was likely not what you were anticipating, I was inspired by the technical skills and innovation displayed. Your perseverance during this challenging time deserves to be commended!

Innovation is a key factor for global growth and continued success at Valiant TMS. Sponsoring young talent through educational programs such as Capstone allows us to invest in our future. Emerging technologies in manufacturing such as artificial intelligence, 3D printing and machine learning are impacting the world, creating new opportunities. Tony Elias

After witnessing the 2020 projects I am excited for the future of our industry and for today’s students to leverage innovation and technology becoming the leaders of the future. Thank you for your contributions. I wish you all the best and look forward to seeing what your futures hold!

Tony Elias  
CEO Valiant TMS  
Valiant TMS



Formula Electric SAE 2020

Winner of the Windsor Mold Group Innovation Award and Valiant TMS Innovation Award
Team members: Laura George, PJ Kriemadis, Chris Wiggins, Bentley Camphorst, Brandon Finateri, Nithin Govindhan, Casper Szutka

Lancer Aerosports

Winner of the Windsor Mold Group Innovation Award and Valiant TMS Innovation Award
Team members: Taku Chitekeshe, Spencer Ferguson, Adam Turner, Caleb Prindler, Henry Kim, Grant Bradler, Shad Robinson

uWinLoop Shell Design Team 

Winner of the Windsor Mold Group Innovation Award and Valiant TMS Innovation Award
Team members: Stefan Sing, Liam Rutherford, Shabaz Sidhu

Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle

Winner of the Windsor Mold Group Innovation Award
Team members: Shreya Patki, Linda Wenhui Yang, Andy Li, Zhen Zhao, Jiangtao Yu, Bohan Gao

Remote Sign Detection Driver Assistance System 

Winner of the Windsor Mold Group Innovation Award
Team members: Daniel De Luca, Brendan Mccarthy, Daniel Venuto

Three Story Building Modular 

Winner of the Valiant TMS Innovation Award
Team members: David Appleby, Jonathan Cercel, Jonathan Dirks, Fadi Hashweh


2020 Capstone Projects

Rehabilitation of Mill Pond
Jack Zimmerman, Juan Florian Rodriguez, Gerry Rattew, Ado Sullivan

Timber Frame Barn Design
Joe Bouzide, Anna Simone, Mia Marrocco, Michael Ruttinger

Boblo Island Energy Options
Jack Hubbell, Nolan Mcauley, John Merucci, Nolan Mcauley

Boblo Island Sanitary Pump Station and Forcemain
Brandon Flooren, Abigail Gonzales, Saeed Rahman, Shaelynn Varughese

Powering Greenhouse Sector Expansion with Distributed Energy Resource
Andrew Azinovic, Rob Csapo, Jon-Michael Kirwan, Nolan Stratton

Expansion of Industrial Building
Muhammad Haris, Maham Khan, Shelair Sinjari, Wendolyn Wilson

Belle Isle View Boulevard Reconstruction LID
Sihui Gai, Justin Hebert, Selim Reza, Shunjie Zhang

Residential Development Layout
Wasel Al-Rifai, Nicholas Dufour, Mohammed Seyam

Three-Storey Building Using Modular Construction
David Appleby, Jonathan Cercel, Jonathan Dirks, Fadi Hashweh

Wastewater Treatment Plant for Essex
Zijun Lu, Zijuan Wu, Yuxiang Yang, Shiqing Zhu

Organic Carbon and Amonnia Removal from Municipal Wastewater
Maria Dozois, Drew Erickson, Michael Mulhall, Ellianna Trepanier

Smart Vent
Anthony Duronio, Adam Wojcik

WinSAT Electrical Power System
Qaiser Bhatti, Muhammad Qasim, Usman Chughtai

Multi-Modal Sensor Fusion Techniques to Estimate Border Waiting Time with Traffic Management
Peter Hua, Alan Cai, Yiwen Long

WinSAT Command, Data, and Radio Frequency
Justin Frim, Adam Al-Khazraji, Jon Grebe, Pierre Simard

Wireless Signal Analyzer
Eric Palazzolo, Colton Pekar

High Fidelity Audio Equalization and Amplification System
Nicholas Pieprzak, Connor Sousa

A Sensor System Developed for a Fitness Bicycle
Emilie Bondy, Mustafa Waziri, Jacob Philip

Mobile Application Based Automated Beverage Dispenser
Anthony Taylor, Patrick Matthew, Aakash Jethwa

Powering Greenhouse Sector Expansion with Distributed Energy Resource Solutions
Lysandra Naom, Sofija Lozo

Object Detection and Avoidance Quadcopter
Natalie Bisutti, Farwa Gill

SAE Electric Battery Management System
Andy Corpeno, Joshua Simke, Rakesh Kumar

Embedded Automation System
Karim Abdelbari, Shawki Aldawalibi, Yazeed Abuzaid

LIDAR House Security System
Ran Tao, Fan Yang

Indoor Positioning System
Jaideep Randhawa, Lota Chukwu, Hamza Sohaib, Abdullahi Ali

Remote Sign Detection Driver Assistance System
Daniel De Luca, Brendan Mccarthy, Daniel Venuto

Facial Recognition using Local Binary Pattern Feature Method Extraction
Usman Khalid, Aayush Grover

Battery Management System
Jimmy Huynh, Matthew Zeray, Dami Alalade

Advanced Driver Assistance System
Thomas Goleberski, Nico Cardillo, Matthew Shamoon, Adonay Tecle

CAN-Bus Security Improvement
Stephen Mees, Kurt Stenger, Anjali Kottoor

AIRMON - A Smart Air Quality Monitoring System
Kazim Afzal, Zain-Ul Haq, Oscar Rodrigues

WinSAT Attitude Determination and Control System
Harpreet Gill, Kassem Nassar, Gurshawn Mangat, Mahmoud Asheti

Custom Designed Programmable Logic Controller
Colin Cerimagic, Heather Rocheleau

Implementation and Optimization of a Regenerative Braking System in an Electric Vehicle
Joel Ramirez, Matthew Mustapic, Adam Hassan

Design and Implementation of a SWISS Rectifier
Pascaline Kazeneza, Oliver Binguan, Summer Jamal

Battery Pack and Load Bank
Matthew Panek, Justin Ly, Pancham Thaker

Sensor Mesh Network
Jacob Zahara, Fadi Shaya, Adam Zoumboulis, Martin Popovski

Time Series Forecasting using Deep Learning
Andrew Adoranti, Jacob Dipietro

Training a Convolutional Neural Network to Implement Real-Time Lane Keeping
Omar Mashhrawi, Abhishek Saini, Aysenur Aktas, Salman Nasir

Thermoelectric wearable phone charger
Ghassan Salahuddin, Meara Coulter, Ravi Patel, Zijun Luan, Yichao Ma, Yihong Liu, Calyn Kir

Flow/Wave Energy Harvester
Tamuno Ibim Tolofari, Abdul Moiz, Keyu Yang, Yuxuan Fu, Francis Yuen, Danielle Aikman, Henry Xu

Portable wave making machine
Isabelle Dinh, Joe Iskander, Joel Sands, LiCheng Yu

Digital manufacturing Sys & work-cell design - Team 1
Mustafa AlHamad, Omar Gaballa, Kamalpreet Mann, Saron Abraha, Jessica Chesu    

Digital manufacturing Sys & work-cell design - Team 2
Wei Sun, Binghao Cong, Junyan Liu, YuShuen Ng, Chengji, Xu

A drop-weight tower to simulate tool or equipment dropping on composite parts
Long Jin, YuanMing Zheng, JiaLe Fu

Osborne Reynolds Laminar to Turbulent Pipe Flow Experimental System
Greg Gajewski, Samantha Lazzarin, Andrew Madrid, Samantha Strong, John Trainer

Hyperloop - uWinLoop pod design (Breaking System)
Don Algama, Abdaniel Mayorga, Mith Joshi, Naman Kad

Hyperloop - uWinLoop pod design (Suspension/stabilization/guidance) system
Sumeet Bhogal, Christian Forte, Sean Cerkauskas

Hyperloop - uWinLoop pod design Structural systems (frame, shell and sub system mechanical integration) - Team 1
Benjamin Rhude, Mohammed Altwaini

Hyperloop - uWinLoop pod design Structural systems (frame, shell and sub system mechanical integration) - Team 2
Liam Rutherford, Stefan Sing, Shabaz Sidhu    

Hyperloop - uWinLoop pod design Thermal/Fluids (thermal management of breaks, frame, batteries etc.)
Damir Ferhatovic, Lauren Awad, Kevin Mailloux

Design of a community noise education vehicle for the Greater Toronto Airports Authority
Kristina Dal Bello, Liam Mastronardi, Ava Eugeni, Emma Polsinelli, Yassine El Alaoui

Thermoelectric Air-conditioning System
Danning Yu, Da Zong, Rao Fu, Jiaqi Xu, Botao Hou, Yajun Zhao

Human powered vehicle
Rohit Nagaswara, Yusuf Aktas, Calvin Elliot, Callen Deketele

Motorcycle front suspension
Graeme Barkway, Brendan Bloomfield, Ethan Raymond, Evan Brand

Clock project
Matteo Collavino, Grant Quinlan, Vincent Hui, Kieran Johnson-Bujold, Lindsay Belchuk

Autonomous Vehicle Mechanical Design
Yazan Kaloti, Ghamrawi Zakaria, Taimoor Ali, Taha Ansari, Mandil Ahmed, Amine Sassi, Gattous Sohayb, Alghosein Waseem, Arabi Jad, Youkhanna Ivan, Rihan Ramina, Alshimmari Marwa, Bondok Doua

Formula Electric SAE 2020
Laura George, PJ Kriemadis, Chris Wiggins, Bentley Camphorst, Brandon Finateri, Nithin Govindhan, Casper Szutka

Super mileage 2020
Chenglong Jiang, Sufeng Liu, Huaishen Yan, Qikun Tong, Zihang Zuo, Hao Zheng, Jiyuan Wang

Shell Eco Marathon 2020
Mohammad Sadar, Usama Arshad, Paul Chang, Mohammad Rahman, Jashanjit Singh, Feras Antar, Gareth Mayville, Ucheckukwu Akudigwe, Hamza Chaudry

Formula SAE 2020
Ryan Jones, Eoin Minaker, John McGurn, Matthew Fujs, Braydon Strik, Alex Arangio, Baptiste Bodin

Design of Small Steam Engine
Haonan Guo, Benjamin Ronit, Ahmad Azizullah, Connor Boyd, Noah Mailloux, Kyle Soulliere

Design of an Enhanced Lawn Mower Cutting Mechanism
Nigel Christian

SAE Aero Design Regular Class
Caleb Prindler, Henry Kim, Spencer Ferguson, Adam Turner, Grant Bradler, Taku Chitekeshe, Shad Robinson

Experimental Sounding Rocket Association’s Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition
Mathew Windhaus, John Jurca, Jordan Kidd, Kathryn Dawson, Nicolas Dalla Bona, Charlie Liu, Teah Kiviste, Mona Ben Aoun, Jared Fuerth, Ryan Wardell,  Robyn Marentette  

Underwater Remote-Operated Vehicle
Linda-Wenhui Yang, Jiangtao Yu, Yanyu Li, Bohan Gao, Zhen Zhao, Shreya Patki

Design and implementation of a flexible circumferential and radial traversing system for aerodynamic probes
Ryan Prieur, Christian Basden, Jovain Alagha, Ahmed Galaleldin M. Taha    

Design of stationary devices to emulate rotor outlet conditions with inlet distortion: combined screens and non axisymmetric guide vanes: design and manufacture
Shen Shu, Mo Zhou, Yijun Jiang, Zhuoheng Li, Yijun Liu, Zhao Yuming, Anas Mashal

Design of low speed fan with 3d blade features
Aaron Burton, Emily Ryan, Don Panganiban, Joseph Marchard, Rhea Hodgins, Liam Carr, Nicolas Lafreniere, Marwan Basheer Shehadeh

University of Windsor Space & Aeronautics Team – Space System Division CubeSat project
Madeline Mcqueen, Trevor Parent, Atilla Saadat, Marco Veliz Castro, Taran Riar, Nirmit Khamar

Thank you!

The Faculty of Engineering thanks its capstone donor, industry and community partners and congratulates all teams on their exceptional capstone projects.