Dr. Ronald Barron

Dr. R. Barron

Professor, Mathematics & Statistics
Cross Appointed to Mechanical Engineering

(519) 253-3000 ext 3019
Office: 9103, Lambton Tower
Research Interests
  • Theoretical and applied computational fluid dynamics (CFD) & industrial applications of CFD
  • Nozzles and jets, sprays, multiphase flows
  • Turbulence modelling, bluff body aerodynamics

Selected Publications 

  • BARRON, R.M., ZHANG, Z. and AN, C.-F., 2006. Computational aeroacoustic study of airflow over a cavity. Japanese Society CFD Journal, Vol. 15(1), pp. 18-26.
  • ZHANG, Z., BARRON, R.M. and AN, C.-F., 2006. Post-processing in computational aeroacoustic studies. Japanese Society CFD Journal, Vol. 15(1), pp. 27-34.
  • YANG, L., BARRON, R.M. and MALIK, M.A., 2006. Simulation of droplet transfer in a paint spray process. 19thAnnual ILASS-Americas 2006 Conference, Institute for Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems, Toronto, ON.
  • YANG, L., BARRON, R.M., MALIK, M.A. and TIGHE, C., 2006. A numerical procedure for calculating the droplet size and speed of a high-speed rotary atomizer. Proc. of the14th Annual Conf. of the CFD Society of Canada, CFD2006, 6 pages, Kingston, ON.
  • XU, H., ZHANG, C. and BARRON, R.M., 2006. Numerical simulation of cavity flows based on transformed equations. Appl. Math. & Comp., Vol. 176, No. 2, pp. 506-515.
  •  XU, H., BARRON, R.M. and ZHANG, C., 2006. A new numerical algorithm based on transformed equations and its application to very low Re fluid flows. Appl. Math. & Comp., Vol. 181, pp. 619-633.
  • XU, H., ZHANG, C. and BARRON, R.M., 2005. A new numerical approach to solve an elliptic equation. Appl. Math. & Comp., Vol. 171, pp. 1-24.