Dr. Daniel Green

Dr. D. GreenProfessor
Canada Research Chair in the Development and Optimization of Metal Forming Processes
519-253-3000 ext. 3887
Office: 2151 CEI


  • PhD, Universit√© de Sherbrooke, QC, Canada

Research Interests

  • Sheet metal forming, hot stamping, superplastic forming
  • Mechanical testing, formability testing, material anisotropy
  • Finite element modelling, process optimization
  • Applications to automotive and aerospace manufacturing

Professional Affiliations

  • ASM International, IDDRG, SAE, SME, TMS

Selected Publications 

  • M. Amirmaleki, J. Samei, D.E. Green, I. van Riemsdijk, L. Stewart, 2016, 3D micromechanical modeling of dual phase steels using the representative volume element method, Mechanics of Materials, 101, 27-39.
  • A. Jenab, I. Sari Sarraf, D.E. Green, T. Rahmaan, M.J. Worswick, 2016, The use of genetic algorithm and neural network to predict the rate-dependent tensile flow behaviour of AA5182-O sheets, Journal of Materials & Design, 94, 262-273.
  • C. Maris, A. Hassannejadasl, D.E. Green, J. Cheng, S.F. Golovashchenko, A. Gillard, Y. Liang, 2016, Comparison of quasi-static and electrohydraulic free-forming limits for DP600 and AA5182 sheets, Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 235, 206-219.
  • A. Taherizadeh, D.E. Green, J.W. Yoon, 2015, A non-associated plasticity model with anisotropic and nonlinear kinematic hardening for simulating sheet metal forming, International Journal of Solids and Structures, 69-70, 370-382.
  • A. Ghaei, D.E. Green, A. Aryanpour, 2015, Springback simulation of advanced high strength steels considering nonlinear elastic unloading-reloading behaviour, Journal of Materials & Design, 88, 461-470.