Materials Option

  • Explores the structure and properties of metals, ceramics, polymers and composites
  • Offers specialization in processing operations such as casting, welding and metal forming 
Minimum Admissions Average: 
Bachelor of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering - Materials Option
Second Average: 
(plus 74% secondary average)
Mean Admissions Average: 
  • Students in all programs take a common first year.
  • ENG4U, MHF4U, SCH4U and SPH4U required. MCV4U is strongly recommended.
  • Admission average for co-op may be higher than the minimum admission average.
Engineering second average is the average of all math and science courses except biology.
Career Tracks: 
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing and production
  • Business

  • Government

  • Systems design/operation/building/maintenance
  • Consulting
  • Transportation

  • Pollution control and prevention

  • Advanced computing and communications
  • Medicine and medical technology

  • Bio-based engineering

  • Research and development

  • Structural design

  • Failure analysis

  • Construction and infrastructure renewal

  • Scheduling and optimization

  • Automotive industry

  • Environmental protection

  • Project, process and systems management
  • Robotics and advanced electronics

  • Power generation and distribution

Students will receive the degree designation "Bachelor of Applied Science Honours Mechanical Engineering (Materials Engineering Option)', or the designation "Bachelor of Applied Science Honours Mechanical Engineering (Materials Engineering Option) - Co-op"