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Advising Services

Advising Services provides information to students about:

  • Changing a major or program.
  • Understanding degree audits and degree requirements.
  • Providing explanations of academic policies and procedures.
  • Reviewing academic progress.
  • Developing academic success plans.
  • Assessment of student needs and referrals to other campus services.

Advisors are trained in student development theory; they can help identify some of the roadblocks students face and suggest avenues for overcoming and avoiding them. Furthermore, Advisors are specialists in the “first-year experience” and the process of transferring universities. Advising Services is an excellent resource for transfer students who are still settling into a new environment at UWindsor.

Because Advisors are up to date on all institutional policies and procedures, they are a great resource for faculty – not just students. Similarly, Advisors are thoroughly knowledgeable about student services on campus. The Advising Services team is a good reference point when you’re not sure whom to contact.

Advising Services is located in Dillon Hall, Room 111.

For further information, contact advising@uwindsor.ca, Extension 3950 or see the Advising Services website.

Note: This site is a living document, the goal of which is to improve, in some small way, the working lives of University of Windsor faculty. We are eager to collaborate with the campus community to better this service over time. If you can identify any knowledge gaps, missing resources, or outdated or erroneous information on this site, please contact Iva Gentcheva, Director, Office of the Provost and Faculty Recruitment, without hesitation.