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Windsor University Faculty Association (WUFA)

The Windsor University Faculty Association (WUFA) is the union representing full-time and part-time faculty, librarians, learning specialists, clinical psychologists, and coaches. Its work is accomplished through standing committees of volunteers who are ably assisted by three dedicated WUFA staff. WUFA is led by the Executive Committee and governed by the WUFA Council. Key decisions and policies are formulated by the Grievance Committee; Contract Committee; Negotiating Team; Status of Women, Diversity, and Action Committee; and Sessional Committee.

Of course, WUFA is more than these committees. In the Union's own words, "It is all of us together, debating and forging our shared interests as full-time and part-time faculty, librarians, learning specialists, clinical psychologists, and coaches."

What WUFA does

WUFA is the exclusive bargaining agent for all members. One of its most important functions is to protect the rights and advance the interests of its members through collective bargaining. Additionally, WUFA protects individual members by filing grievances on their behalf, promotes the goals of employment equity, participates in broader struggles for social justice in the community through the Political Action Committee, and promotes and protects academic freedom through the Academic Freedom Committee. WUFA also provides a democratic forum for members to discuss, debate, and formulate policies that improve their work lives while respecting and advancing the academic mission of the University.

WUFA history

WUFA is proud that University of Windsor faculty were among the first academics in Canada to unionize. The Association was created in 1974 and certified as exclusive bargaining agent by the Ontario Labour Relations Board in 1978. Today, unions and collective bargaining are the norm in the university sector.

Participating in WUFA activities

WUFA activities are financed by monthly dues paid by all members of the bargaining unit. However, paying dues and membership are different. In order to fully and vocally participate in WUFA, you must sign a membership form. (Forms are available at Kerr House, but the Union will be in touch with each of you directly).

WUFA has been housed at 366 Sunset Avenue since 1983. In 1994, the building was named Kerr House in honour of Professor Robert Kerr, the first WUFA president. To reach the office, email

For more information, consult the WUFA website.

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