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Fraud Alerts

Procurement Fraud Scheme Targets University of Windsor:

Suppliers, and potential suppliers to the University of Windsor have been experiencing an increasing number of attempts of fraudulent purchase order activity. These involve purchase orders and requests for quotes that appear to originate from the University of Windsor but are in fact fraudulent.

What is happening? University of Windsor Suppliers are being targeted by malicious fraudulent emails from imposters:

  • Imposters are pretending to be employees from the University’s Procurement Services Department, in order to contact suppliers for product quotes.
  • Once a supplier responds to the quote request email, the imposter asks for the product to be shipped to a fictitious University shipping address. The shipping address given is not a legitimate University address and is usually located in or around the Greater Toronto Area. 

Fraudulent attempts may include the following: 

  • Fake e-mail domains: imposters will send emails from domains that look like they are coming from the University but may be spelled differently (e.g.,
  • Cell phone numbers as contact information for University officials:  the University will always provide its main line (519-253-3000) with an extension as the first point of contact on all official documents.

  • Poorly written and unprofessional emails, with grammatical errors and bolded or coloured font.
  • Suspicious requests: imposters will request orders for large quantities of products (e.g. electronics, lab equipment, cameras, construction supplies).
  • Unrecognized shipping address: imposters will provide suppliers with shipping addresses that are not affiliated with the University in order to re-route products sent by suppliers.
  • The imposter will likely request to open a line of credit on behalf of the university

What should I do if I think I am a potential victim of procurement fraudulent activity?

Suspected fraud attempts should be reported immediately to your local police authority.

Also, if you believe your organization is subject to potential fraudulent activity involving the University of Windsor, please notify Procurement Services at the University of Windsor (

The University of Windsor values the partnership and important role our suppliers play in the success of the University and we are actively working with local law enforcement, as well as the University’s Legal Services Department and Campus Police to investigate any illegal procurement activity.

Additional information and resources surrounding Canadian Fraudulent Activity can be found here: