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Accounts Payable

Payment Approval

Authorized Approvers of Payment are responsible for:

  • Checking if expense is valid charge against cost centre
  • Confirming that goods or services have been received
  • Verifying that goods or services have not been previously paid
  • Ensuring that request for payment is accurate
  • Assigning the appropriate account number

Accounts Payable is responsible for:

  • Confirming invoice against a University purchase order
  • Verifying whether expense is within University Policy Guidelines (Travel Policy / Hospitality Policy)
  • Ensuring timely payment of payment requests and invoices

Payment Processing

Accounts Payable will process payments as follows:

  1. Expense Reimbursement

    • Payments are processed on a biweekly basis
    • These expense reports must be pending auditor approval by 16:30 on the preceding Friday
    • All receipts must be attached
  2. Vendor Invoice Payments & Payment Requests

    • Payments are processed on a biweekly basis
    • In order for vendor invoices to be paid, they must be sent to by 12:00 the preceding Monday
    • All invoices and backup must be attached
    • Payment Terms per University Policy are net 30 days from date of invoice
  3. Wire Transfer Payments

    • Wire transfer payment can be used for many different types of vouchers, however these require a separate process from payments by  electronic fund transfer (EFT)
    • In order to process a wire transfer payment, end users must complete and submit a Wire Transfer Request Form to Accounts Payable for further processing
    • Payment Request needs to be processed before the Wire payment can be sent


Travel Entertainment Expenses

The University has instituted a Travel Policy and a Hospitality Policy. These policies establish requirements for the reimbursement of travel & entertainment-related business expenditures incurred by University employees in connection with the performance of their respective duties unless the terms for which they are appointed provides that different rules and/or policies apply.

Key Responsibilities for the Traveller

  • Ensuring claim is accurate, conforms with Policy and that all expenditures are supported by detailed receipts
  • Proper completion of an expense report
  • Timely submission to Accounts Payable

Key Responsibilities for the Authorized Approving Officer

  • Duty to accurately review expense reports and appropriate supporting documentation (receipts) for compliance
  • Ensuring funding is available to cover expenses

Key Responsibilities for the AP Staff

  • Processing requests in a timely fashion
  • Ensuring claims are in compliance with Policy


Non-Allowable Expenses

For reference purposes, below is an excerpt to guide you when determining what expenses may not be considered acceptable for claiming against your University accounts.

  1. Entertainment Expenses are not to be charged to the University unless they are incurred in the bona fide entertainment of University visitors. Luncheons, breakfasts, dinners, parties, receptions, etc., primarily for your own faculty or staff members, are not proper charges against University funds.
  2. Gifts, memorials and donations are personal expenses and are not to be charged against University funds. The Human Resources Department sends flowers on the occasion of a death in the immediate family of any staff member, thus other floral tributes by individual Faculties, Schools, or Departments must be paid for by the donors. 

Any further questions regarding non-allowable expenses should be directed to the Finance Department.

Visa Payables Automation (VPA)

The University of Windsor continues to expand its Visa Payables Automation (VPA) program to improve process efficiency and working capital management, as well as reduce the cost of processing cheque transactions.

The current pandemic continues to provide lessons and insights by demonstrating the need, value, and associated challenges of working remotely and a stronger reliance on digital delivery channels.  VPA provides a solution that supports these needs by ensuring the collection of payments electronically at a regular schedule.

As a valued supplier of the University of Windsor who currently receives payment by Visa, we would like to apply this improved VPA solution for our payments with your organization. Specific benefits you may experience when you accept payment by Visa Payables Automation solution:

  • Accelerated payment and improved cash flow
  • Reduced paperwork and streamlined accounts receivables process with less touch points
  • Real-time notifications for each card payment
  • Reduced risk to your financial information as the University of Windsor does not store any banking information in our system for VPA payments
  • Complete remittance detail to support efficient receivables posting
  • No changes or modifications to your existing card acceptance procedures

This is an important initiative for the University of Windsor, and, as such, we encourage our valued suppliers to consider enrolling to experience the benefits noted above. We intend to pay suppliers who participate in our payables automation program upon approval of invoices, which may result in significant payment acceleration.

How it Works:

Upon enrolling, you will be directed to access a secure website to obtain the credit card account which you will use for future payments. In the future, you will receive an automated remittance notification email alerting you of the amount to charge and other pertinent details of the transaction. Then process the payment like any other credit card transaction.

To Enrol:

To enrol in this new payment arrangement, please have an authorized company representative complete the University of Windsor VPA Enrolment Form  for each appropriate remittance address and email it to Please note, it is important that company representatives completing this enrolment are authorized to do so on behalf of your organization.

Other VPA Resources:


Direct Deposit (EFT) Payment

All suppliers requesting payments in Canadian or US funds must submit the appropriate Supplier Direct Deposit form to These payments are automatically and securely deposited into a designated bank account, with an automated e-mail remittance advice sent to the specified e-mail account as confirmation of payment being deposited.

Further details regarding US dollar payments made to US Suppliers can be found here.

All University of Windsor employees requesting reimbursements can only be reimbursed in Canadian funds, and must update their banking information in UWinsite Finance.


Contact Information

  • Accounts Payable Department
  • Karen Gorospe – Senior Accounts Payable Clerk
  • Isabel Giurdanella – Accounts Payable Clerk