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Fire Safety Information

This page contains information on Fire Safety and Evacuation Procedures. For Emergency Preparedness, please visit the Campus Community Police website.  

Fire Safety & Evacuation Procedures

Ensure you are familiar with the evacuation procedure for your location. Evacuation maps are posted throughout all buildings on each floor.
All documents provided in PDF format.

Fire Drills

The Ontario Fire Code requires fire evacuation drills to be conducted annually at a minimum. These drills are important for building occupants to practice safe evacuation. They also provide an opportunity for the Fire Evacuation Committees to evaluate their procedures. All building occupants are expected to participate in fire evacuation drills. 

* Please note that fire drills will be conducted twice annually for buildings that contain laboratories.

Building Fire Evacuation Committees

Emergency Procedures for Persons Requiring Assistance in Evacuation

Fire Alarm Protocol 

Roles and Responsibilities:

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Fire Appendices