Server Modernization Project graphic with an image of a server room

Server Modernization Project

IT Services is engaged in a year-long project to revitalize critical parts of our server infrastructure. Keeping our systems up-to-date and aligned with industry best practices will pave the way for improved performance, greater security, and easier maintenance.  

The scope of changes for this project includes: 

  • Filesystem modernization (Spring 2023, Work Completed): University’s central file storage system was replaced with a new file storage solution (Dell EMC Isilon).  
  • Operating system standardization (Summer 2023-Spring 2024, Work in Progress): Servers running Unix operating systems, such as AIX, will migrate to Linux. 
  • Database upgrades (Summer 2023-Sprint 2024, Work in Progress): We will upgrade specific databases to maintain vendor support, unlock performance improvements, and ensure reliable operation on our new Linux database infrastructure. 
  • Application upgrades (Summer 2023-Winter 2024, Work Completed): Several third-party applications hosted on our campus systems will be upgraded to take advantage of the improved database and Linux environment. 
  • Application migrations and rewrites (Summer 2023-Spring 2024, Work in Progress): Several in-house applications will be migrated to the new environment, rewritten, or in sometimes replaced with third-party applications. 

There will be occasional service disruptions throughout the project. Scheduled downtimes will be announced on this website and through direct communication with affected stakeholders.  

The Server Modernization Project will conclude in Spring 2024.  

 If you have concerns or questions about the project, please contact Graham Fawcett, IT Services (