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Having trouble? Unable to access Blackboard, UWinsite Finance or UWinsite Student through UWindsor's new login method?
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What is authentication? 

Authentication is the process of verifying the identity of a user before allowing access to a protected resource. At University of Windsor, authentication is important because it helps keep our networks secure by permitting only authenticated users to access our computer systems, databases, websites and other network-based applications or services such as UWinsite Student and Blackboard.

What’s changing with authentication at UWindsor?

IT Services will introduce two new authentication changes to campus. 

1) New Login Process

Effective January 16, 2020, a new login process will be introduced. UWindsor campus community members will log in with their email address and UWin Account password.

Depending on your device, you will either experience a one-step or a two-step authentication process.

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2) Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Starting January 30, 2020, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a security feature to provide an additional level of identity verification to help prevent unauthorized access to UWindsor’s protected resources when they are being accessed externally (largely from off-campus locations). When MFA is enabled, a second authentication method (or token) is required before access is granted. This may come via phone (text or call) or through the Microsoft Authentication App.

Before using MFA to access UWindsor applications, a one-time enrolment is necessary. When enrolling, you will identify your MFA authentication methods and select the default one. It is important to note that once MFA is available, enrolment is mandatory as access to UWindsor’s networks from off-campus locations will be denied without it. 

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With the introduction of the new login process and multi-factor authentication, UWindsor is enhancing its cybersecurity while easing the challenge of remembering and entering passwords.  In addition, the University’s password change interval will be extended from 120 days (or once per semester) to 365 days (or once per year).

Protect your accounts

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With these authentication changes, it is critically important that you lock, sign out or shut down your device when it is not in use. Failing to do so could expose your accounts to others. This is particularly crucial on public or shared computers such as in classrooms or computer labs.