Eduroam - The Preferred Wireless Network

Lady sitting next to window working on her laptop

When you connect your wireless WIFI device (phone/PC/Mac) to the network, you will see the available wireless networks listed which you can try to connect to. Along with a few others, the primary list will include:

  • eduroam
  • uwinsecure
  • uwindsor

Which should you use? The short answer is “Connect to eduroam”. The eduroam wireless network is available to all wireless users (Students/Faculty/Staff/guests). Plus it has the additional benefit that users from other eduroam institutions (many universities, for example) can also connect to the University of Windsor’s wireless network using their home institution’s crededentials.

Once you initially connect to eduroam, the next time you connect, the saved password will be used automatically to log in. This causes an unfortunate side-effect on most devices when your password changes however. To avoid using the old password, after you change your password you should go to the wireless settings on your device and “forget” the eduroam network. When you reconnect, you should be prompted for the new password which will again be saved until the next time your password changes.

University of Windsor Faculty and Staff can also use the uwinsecure wireless network. Access to printers are available from this network. This network has the same password change idiosyncrasies as eduroam mentioned above.

The uwindsor wireless network is available for use but should only be used as a last resort. Unlike eduroam and uwinsecure, the uwindsor network does not encrypt the network traffic. So, for example, if you are accessing network applications using a protocol which is insecure, (eg. http instead of https), then everyone else using the uwindsor network in the vicinity could view your network activity. The wireless network called uwindsor is not secure.

More information is available in the Knowledge Base. Please see