Technology puts power of security in user hands

man looking with concern at smartphone

Mobile devices have become an increasingly important part of our daily personal and work lives. Eighty per cent of people access the Internet with mobile devices. With expanded use comes additional security threats.

“Smart cybersecurity practices extend beyond our laptops and desktops to include our phones and tablets too,” says Kevin Macnaughton, team leader security in Information Technology Services. “It boils down to: if you connect it, protect it.”

IT Services’ list of top four ways to protect your mobile devices includes:

  1. Enable a security PIN and inactivity auto-lock.
  1. Apply automatic updates for the operating system and apps.
  1. Use the App Store and iTunes or Google Play for apps, games, and media.
  1. Use the University’s GlobalProtect VPN, especially on public or free WiFi.

For more mobile device security best practices, see

Led by IT Services, Cybersecurity Awareness Month efforts highlight cybersecurity issues relevant to the UWindsor community. More information, along with how you can protect yourself, can be found at