Update to bring enhancements to UWinsite Student

UWinsite Student update

When UWinsite Student re-opens, a gently refreshed look will greet users. A few basic functions have improved while staying true to the original plan of updating the system to stay current with back-end requirements.

Redesigned icons will appear across the top of the system. Students will now be able to quickly access their registration time in the left-hand navigation panel in “Manage Classes.” Faculty and staff will have the option of opening another window from the menu bar to better compare screens side-by-side.

A few other minor changes will take place; the Registrar’s Office encourages users to visit the system after the update to familiarize themselves with it.

The scheduled UWinsite Student update will cause the system to be unavailable from 6 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 18, to the evening of Monday, Nov. 22.

The uwindsor.ca/uwinsite/all-news web page will have the latest information on the project.

Email any questions related to the UWinsite Student Project to uwinsite@uwindsor.ca. If anyone is experiencing an issue with UWinsite Student, open a ticket and it will be routed to the right area for help.