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IT Governance

In 2018, IT Services completed a review of the University-wide IT Governance model. As a result of this process, IT Services, in collaboration with the campus community, refined the IT Governance model with the following objectives:

  • Support a disciplined, transparent decision-making process for the University
  • Inform the development of a technology strategy that is affordable, secure, sustainable and aligned with University goals 

In accomplishing these objectives, IT Services will strive to:

  • Improve alignment and leverage synergies between IT Services and technical resources within University faculties and departments
  • Implement IT projects that provide the necessary technology and infrastructure to support University faculties and departments in servicing their constituents
  • Build business cases that are based on a total cost of ownership for all projects
  • Make informed, data-driven decisions for the common good of the greater University community

An overview of the current IT Governance model can be referenced below:

To support these objectives, IT Services will seek to align IT governance frameworks with sound financial and service management practices in order to ensure that IT Services is providing effective and efficient service to the University community.

To help maintain focus, IT Services will strive to lead and / or actively support identified campus governance steering committees related to information technology, as well as the sub-committees and working groups that have been established to provide support.