Current and Past Students

Current Graduate Students

  • Paige Coyne (MHK Candidate) - Examining the influence of CrossFit on body image, self-esteem, and eating behaviours in women: A mixed-methods approach.
  • Erin Dufour (MHK Candidate) - An evaluation of a natural mentoring program among teenage girls in foster care
  • Rebecca Reagan (MHK Candidate) 
  • Sara Santarossa (PhD Candidate) - Navigating mothers and daughters on social networking sites: Understanding and educating how to leave a positive digital footprint.

Current Undergraduate Students (2018-2019)

  • Larissa Rowdon
  • Natalie Chorlian
  • Sabrina Bours
  • Fallon Mitchell
  • Jory Fulcher
  • Marianna Bisetto
  • Anna Fan

Past Graduate Students

  • Tre Paton (MHK, 2017); Yonge Street Warehouse Tavern
  • Patricia DubĂ© (MHK, 2017); YMCA of Western Ontario
  • Michael Hatten (MHK, 2015); UBC Athletics and Recreation 
  • Neil Pettit (MHK, 2015); St. Clair College
  • Sara Santarossa (MHK, 2015); University of Windsor doctoral student
  • Kevin Mageto (MHK, 2015); Northern Inter-Tribal Health Authority
  • Jillian Ciccone (MHK, 2013); St. Michael’s Hospital
  • Brad Harrop (MHK,2013); Thames Valley District School Board, London District Catholic School Board, Wellington Catholic School Board
  • Ashley Kirby (MHK, 2012); Windsor Essex County Health Unit