The Human Kinetics building has a number of new laboratories. Several spaces are available for Motor Behaviour and Lifespan Development research, including the following:

  1. Motor Control/Lifespan Development Laboratory
  2. Multipurpose Research Laboratories
  3. Kinesiology Computer Laboratory

1. Motor Control/ Lifespan Development Laboratory

Room 203/205, Human Kinetics Building
519-253-3000 x 2457

The Motor Control/Lifespan Development lab examines areas of skill acquisition and skill maintenance across the lifespan. We work with a variety of populations, including young athletes, individuals with autism, and older adults. This work is multi-disciplinary in approach, utilizing a range of techniques and methodologies. Our research is currently supported by three SSHRC grants, through which we are are investigating relative age effects in youth sport, along with sport participation and successful aging in older adults.

Motor Control LabGrowth Laboratory

2. Multipurpose Research Laboratories

Rooms 202 and 209, Human Kinetics Building

Two multipurpose labs are available for research projects from all disciplines within Kinesiology. Each lab is approximately 900ft2 and is outfitted with a force platform pit, ceiling grid and can be used in concert via pocket door opening between them.

Multipurpose Laboratory

3. Kinesiology Computer Laboratory

Room 249, Human Kinetics Building

The computer lab is a state-of-the-art facility with 58 terminals for Kinesiology student use. The space can be subdivided by a retractable wall so that the students can access a few terminals when the lab is in use for a classroom application. Computers are outfitted with current research and teaching software packages.

Kinesiology Computer Laboratory