Pro Bono Students Canada

PBSC is a national, multiple award-winning organization with chapters in 22 of Canada’s 23 law schools. The first pro bono organization in the country, PBSC has been working with law schools and the bar to deliver high-quality legal services for over 20 years. PBSC has extensive program expertise and experience designing access to justice placements that are recognized as having a significant impact on access to justice. Supreme Court Justice Rosalie Abella has described PBSC as “one of the most visionary undertakings I have seen in my 40 years at the bar.”

Every September, Windsor Law students are invited to apply to volunteer on a PBSC project. In previous years, we have had over 118 students participating in our chapter and we have partnered with 21+ local community organizations and have run 40+ community projects (with anywhere from 1-20 student(s) working on one project).

Learn more about PBSC and the PBSC Windsor Chapter. 

To learn more about this year’s project offerings, and to submit an application, please visit the PBSC website. Applications to participate in the 2019-2020 PBSC Windsor program will close on Thursday, September 19 at 5PM

To learn more about our program and what volunteering with PBSC means for you and the community, please attend our annual launch event on Monday, September 16 at 12PM in the Moot Court. Lunch is provided, please bring your own drink! 

For further information, please email

We can also be found on social media: Instagram and Facebook


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