Our Strategic Plan (2018-2023)

Priority 1: Enriching Student Experience

  • Innovate curriculum: Launch new curriculum that is rigorous, relevant and people-centred. 
  • Listen to students: Continue to invest in programs and supports that enrich student experience and learning. 
  • Elevate community-based learning opportunities: Offer formative clinical, externship and experiential opportunities in the community.
  • Strive for accessible legal education: Study what Windsor Law has learned from its leadership on holistic admissions, and tell the story. 

Priority 2: Building a Welcoming Learning Space

  • Plan for future space: Revise and renovate the current Faculty of Law building. 
  • Resources for future space: Fundraise the money necessary for a state-of-the-art law school.
  • Communicate progress towards achieving future space: Ensure stakeholders are kept apprised as the process unfolds. 

Priority 3: Supporting Cutting-Edge Research, Teaching and Service-Excellence

  • Invest in research: Raise the profile and impact of Windsor Law scholarship. 
  • Enhance student experience: Undertake a review of the structure, workflow and policies relating to the administration of admissions, academic programming, teaching and learning. 
  • Grow our commitment to community: Take advantage of our unique location.

Priority 4: Investing in the Law School Community and Sharing our Story

  • Enhance communication: Get even better at sharing Windsor Law's exceptional story both internally and externally. 
  • Support the ongoing development of our faculty as people-centred, community-engaged, justice-seeking, dynamic and inclusive: Advance and reflect our core values.
  • Create an even greater place to learn and work: Build on Windsor Law's unique community of belonging.