Book a Meeting Space

The Law School has a few rooms that may be booked by Law students for group meetings or study purposes. 

Eligible users: 

Meeting spaces are available to current Law students only. 

Available rooms: 

First Floor

Room #1130, Max. capacity = 6
Room #1170, Max. capacity = 6

Third Floor

Room #3101, Max.capacity = 8


  • Rooms may be booked for up to 1 hour at one time, one booking per student per day.  Booked time may be extended if the room is available on the day of your booking.  

  • Rooms may be booked up to 2 weeks in advance and students may book up to 5 sessions in advance.  

  • If your group fails to show within 30 minutes of the start of your session, the booking will be cancelled.  

  • Rooms are not available for individual use. 

  • Beverages and food may be consumed; however, we ask that you limit foods with strong odours.  No food deliveries allowed. 

  • Furniture may be rearranged as needed to facilitate group discussion; however, we ask you to return all furniture to the original configuration before you leave the room.  

  • Please use this form for student events outside of office hours.

When you are ready to make your booking please click here <  > 

For additional information, please email