Beverly Anger

Beverly AngerSince graduating UWindsor, I have earned my master's degree and went on to teach primary school in the UK, and later to teach early childhood education in a college.

My employers have seen me as an asset because philosophy has trained me how to engage in reflective practice, and in teaching, reflection is key. I'm always thinking about the content I teach, how my students learn, and about my own pedagogy. I got into philosophy because I enjoy playing with ideas and I enjoy learning and teaching. Whether they are 16 or 8, my students appreciate working with someone who enjoys and celebrates learning and reflecting critically. it's helped them to have a deeper experience of the material and to find joy in sharing ideas.

Philosophy has helped me to be open minded and explorative and unafraid to try new things. If it hadn't been for philosophy, I wouldn't have the confidence to travel and work internationally. I took a big risk in coming here and I'm glad I did. Philosophy is more than just reflection- it's about how you live your life. There are always open doors, but philosophy has made me bold enough to walk through them and see what's on the other side.