Marnie Dumouchelle

Program while at Windsor: Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

Graduating Year: June 2010 convocation

Current Life Project: Attending Ryerson University’s Interior Design School.  Entering my 4th year (of 4) in September 2017. My life project right now is exploring ways in which I can work in the design world that contributes safe and engaging spaces for people and communities.

Q: How has philosophy helped you in your everyday life?

Quite simply, it’s helped me make better decisions for myself and to consider how my decisions affect others.

Q: How has philosophy helped you in your career?

I find that philosophy has helped me move back and forth from big picture to small picture thinking rather seamlessly, which seems like a skill many colleagues struggle with.  Philosophy has also helped with thinking critically about outcomes before committing to a decision, and further, anticipating outcomes can help make quick decisions on the spot, which is often needed in design.

Q: What about the University of Windsor Philosophy Department stood out to you the most?

What stood out most for me were the small class sizes, which meant that there was a great opportunity to build a rapport with professors, and these professors cared deeply about my success; often going above and beyond to help me in school, and opportunities after I left the University of Windsor.

Q: Were you an active part of the community here? If so, how, and why was this valuable?

I tried to be an active participant in the department community by being a student representative in my final year. It seemed important to my education in that it felt like student opinions about the department were considered, which as a young student was empowering.

Q: Are there any lessons you learned in retrospect?

In retrospect I wish I had gotten over a fear of saying the wrong thing or being wrong in classes because asking questions and staying engaged in class are important to making the best of one’s education, and are also what make philosophy classes so great.

Q: Why would you recommend studying philosophy at the University of Windsor?

I would recommend the department because the professors really care about making their classes great and the success of their students. I can compare from taking classes in Nursing at the beginning of my university education and design classes now, that there is a significant difference in the care and thought that professors in the department of philosophy at U Windsor take in designing their lectures, assignments, and choosing readings so that students take on a manageable workload that maximizes learning opportunities.