Julie Gorman

Julie GormanJulie Gorman graduated from UWindsor's masters program in philosophy in 2012. Thanks to the personal approach taken by the professors in the philosophy department, Julie’s interest in the mind and addictions was fostered throughout her philosophical education. Theories of mind, ethics, and argumentation were integrated into her knowledge of addictions and sociology. Under the guidance of the professors in the philosophy department, she was given the opportunity to both attend and present at conferences in Canada, the United States, and Rome, Italy, in addition to being a part of cutting edge research in the fields of philosophy of mind, ethics, and neurocomputationalism. After graduation Julie returned to the field of social work where she used her knowledge of ethics and logic to write and edit policy and procedure manuals for a multitude of social service organizations in Southern Ontario. As a result of her public speaking experience and education in an array of philosophical disciplines, today, Julie has the pleasure of managing the youth program at the Sudbury Action Centre for Youth.