Molly Kao

Molly KaoMolly completed her BA Honours in Philosophy and Mathematics with a minor in French in 2008. She went on to obtain an MA and PhD in Philosophy at the University of Western Ontario. Several aspects of her undergraduate experience provided Molly with an ideal preparation for graduate school. The flexibility of the program in accommodating a double major meant that she was able to take courses in two different fields that shaped her eventual field of study, while still being exposed to a variety of philosophical thinkers and traditions. She greatly appreciated the departmental culture that made it possible to participate in conferences and graduate seminars, and she recalls fondly a strong community of peers that provided both intellectual support and challenges. Above all, she feels fortunate to have benefited from the encouragement and mentoring afforded by the kind of close professional relationships with faculty members that can be more difficult to foster in larger departments. Molly is currently an assistant professor in the department of philosophy at the University of Montreal.