Kiril Lazarevski

I completed my undergraduate degree in 2010 with a combined honors in philosophy and political science. After university I enrolled at st Clair college and earned a diploma in electrical engineering technology, which lead me to a job as an industrial programmer. A few years of this left me feeling over stressed and unfulfilled, so I started to seek out work more aligned with my interests. Currently I work as a technical writer and find that the skills I learned in philosophy are a great asset to me. Not only did my undergraduate help sharpen my writing and critical thinking skills, but it also taught me to organize thoughts succinctly, to condense complicated matter in a simple to understand way, and to feel an immense responsibility for my own actions. In my relatively short experience I would say life goes by quickly, if at all possible do it broadly and fully. Never hold back on something that interests you because of uncertainty in the future, this will always be the case no matter what you thought you were getting into. The future is impossible to know, you might as well enjoy your time getting there.