Chris Reid

Chris ReidI began my career at the University of Windsor as an undergraduate student in the criminology department. I entered the University of Windsor with the ultimate goal of attending law school, and I initially pursued a graduate degree in Philosophy in furtherance of this goal. My time in the Philosophy graduate program and the skills I learned there were invaluable as I pursued my law degree. The graduate program at the University of Windsor was especially useful, given its focus on argumentation and informal logic. The program enabled me to develop the reading, writing, and argumentations skills necessary to be successful in my legal degree. Although I entered the program due to the benefits I believed it could provide me with my future legal career, I soon learned that philosophy had applicability beyond the law. It taught me how to critically examine any problem and various methods of approaching a suitable solution. While I was unable to complete my graduate degree, the time I spent in the program has, and will continue to, allow me to be successful in my future endeavours in the legal field and beyond.