Nilo Tavares

Nilo Tavares“Why take Philosophy?” This question has been posed to me numerous times and there are many answers. In my other courses, mainly those relating to psychology, my additional work in philosophy provided a unique vantage point, allowing me to think of answers at which my peers would not have arrived. Philosophy allows you to observe things in different ways and work with problems unique to the practice of philosophy. Additionally, philosophy provides a solid foundation on which other things you learn can be built or added. In my later years of psychological study, I was asked to formulate arguments for papers that were based on the basic styles of argumentation that I had first encountered in my philosophy courses. Here, I first began to see that my education in philosophy had begun to prepare me for future learning, regardless of the field I tackled. Philosophy also challenged me in ways that other courses could not; through the readings and assignments I was able to develop critical reasoning and analytical skills. These skills were extremely helpful in all areas of academia I encountered; I was able to have a greater understanding of any material that was placed in front of me. Not only did philosophy directly improve my learning across all courses, but it also provided information regarding the origins of the then current information I was learning (whether in psychology, science, or art). Such tools gave me the advantage of seeing the progression of many theories and concepts, which fostered a greater understanding. Taking philosophy also improved my writing greatly; through the guidance of professors while working on assignments, my ability to formulate thoughts, arguments and coherent papers significantly improved. Evidently, these abilities offer an advantage in all other courses in different areas of study. Finally, taking philosophy also gave me the most satisfaction out of all my other courses. Indeed, being able to finally understand a complex topic and submit papers of which I was proud was one of the most rewarding feelings I experienced throughout my university career. I can confidently say that it was philosophy that helped shape my studies and work ethic, which fostered my success and allowed me to further enhance my academic career.