Michael Walschots

Michael WalschotsI completed an undergraduate degree in philosophy at the University of Windsor between 2004-2009. Although I didn’t begin the program with the aspiration of pursuing an academic career, my teachers and fellow students at Windsor instilled in me a deep passion and interest in a number of philosophical questions I couldn’t but help pursue further. In addition to an excellent selection of courses and the chance to closely interact with faculty on a regular basis, Windsor’s undergraduate program offered me a variety of opportunities that helped prepare me for an academic career; I was offered the opportunity to be a research assistant to a number of faculty members, I was able to be a teaching assistant in my later years as an undergraduate, and I had the chance to both organize a small conference, as well as be a student representative in department meetings. In short, I received training in research, teaching, and administrative duties from a very early stage in my academic life, which has helped me greatly in each of these areas until this point in my career. I also received excellent support from faculty to continue pursuing an academic career, which led me to spend time researching abroad (in Germany) as well as gain entrance to a competitive Canadian Ph.D. program (at the University of Western Ontario). I couldn’t have asked for a better undergraduate experience and would encourage anyone with an interest in philosophy to choose Windsor as the place to complete an undergraduate degree.