Andrew Ball

Andrew BallMr. Ball completed his MA in May of 2011 after completing undergraduate studies in philosophy 'across the river' at the University of Detroit Mercy. His MA major paper was advised by Professor Guarini and is entitled: "Animal and Reflective Knowledge: Defending the Distinction in the Thought of Ernest Sosa."  While a student at Windsor, he presented papers at various conferences including Kent State University's Annual Graduate Student Philosophy Conference ("Another Perspective on Plantinga's De Jure Attitude: A Response to Ferreira"), SUNY Albany's Graduate Student Philosophy Conference on Metaphysics ("The Importance of Others for Identity: A Response to Parfit"), as well as to Windsor's Graduate Student Philosophy Conference ("Brains, Bodies, and Brandom: a Social Inquiry into Reductionism"). Mr. Ball was awarded a CRRAR student research fellowship for the Winter 2011 term and subsequently presented a paper to the fellows entitled "Are Fallacies Vices?" Upon being accepted to the Philosophy MA program at Windsor, Mr. Ball was awarded an International Graduate Student Scholarship. Currently, he is in PhD studies at the University of Alberta where he holds a four-year scholarship awarded by the university.