Amy Butchart

Amy ButchartMs. Butchart’s (2008) major paper, “Agency Within Androcentric Discourse: The Critical Role of Marginalized Voices in the Medical Sciences”, explores the ubiquitous use of a male norm in the medical sciences. Dr. Butchart completed her PhD at the University of Guelph Spring of 2014. Her doctoral thesis, "Anatomy and Culture: A New Feminist Methodology", outlines an approach to studying the body—in particular the body suffering from eating disorders—that is able to adequately capture the complex relationship that exists between the physiological and neurological body and the social and cultural discourses that shape our understanding of the body. She has presented work at several academic conferences, and published "Resources for Research on Analogy: a Multi-disciplinary Guide" together with Marcello Guarini, Paul Simard-Smith, and Andrei Moldovan (Informal Logic 29(2), 2009). Dr. Butchart has tried to combine her academic research with her desire to improve the health and lives of Canadians. She currently teaches in the Women’s Studies department at the University of Guelph. She was part of the 2010 Canadian Institute of Health Research Summer Institute on Gender and Health. She has also volunteered at Homewood Health Care Centre in Guelph in horticulture therapy working with individuals suffering from eating disorders.