Major Papers and Theses

Gregory Misener, “Communal Consciousness: Using Wittgenstein to Challenge Epistemic Privacy” August 2021

Garett Grittner, “Animals in Science: Ethical Justifications, Regulatory Frameworks, and Political Recommendations in the Canadian Context”, March 2021

Eamon Brennan, "Technology and Human Dignity: The Contemporary Relevance of George Grant’s Views", August 2020

Jonathan Hollingsworth, "Adorno’s Animal Philosophy”, April 2020

Brittany Morris, "The Containment of Social Change in Western Capitalist Society: Technological Rationality and the Liberation of Humanity", December 2019

Mitchell Witteveen, "Against Vogel: A Defence of Aristotle’s Account of Nature" November 2019

Sebastian Kanally, "The Concept of The Global Subject in Adorno", August 2019

Dominic Pizzolitto, "Lukácsian Reification in the Twenty-First Century", August 2019

Em Dobson, "Coherent Inclusivity Through Accessibility: Exploring the Application of Life-Value Ethics to Disability", April 2019

Matthew Steckle, “Situating Feminist Standpoint Theory: Toward a Critical Ontology of Knowledge”, September 2018

Christian Vido “An Ethical Argument for In Vitro Meat”, May 2018

James M. Murphy, “The Problem of Authenticity in Heidegger and Gadamer” January 2018

Erin Ward, “Unifying Modes of Existence”, May 2017

Michael Regier, “Tripartite Poetics: A Reexamination of Plato’s Aesthetics”, May 2017

Blake Scott, “Arguing with Ignorance: Negativism and the New Rhetoric”, May 2017

Curtis Hyra, “Producing Arguments-as-Objects through Acts-of-Audiencing”, April 2017

Lauren Earle, “Can Paul Churchland’s Map in the head Metaphor be Salvaged?”, May 2016

Michael A. Yong-Set, “Situating the Formal Amidst the Rhetorical: A Ludological Perspective”, August 2015

Matthew Pezzaniti, “Informal Logic and the Concept of “Argument’”, May 2015

Laura Nicola, “Affirming Authenticity, Seeking Recognition. A Critical Account of Social and Personal Identity”, April 2015

Justin Ross Morris, “Reflections on the Prospects for a Dialogized Environment Aesthetic: With Special Attention to the Conflict Between Deep Ecology and Ecofeminism”, August 2013

Sandra DeVries Vreugdenhil, ‘Hearing Injustice: Sen’s Idea of Justice and the Role of Testimony at the SA TRC Legal Hearing”, May 2013

Staicha Kidd, “Victims and Villains of Totalitarianism: A Defence of Hannah Arendt”, April 2013

Tamilyn Mulvaney, “The Source of Morality for Virgil’s Aeneid”, September 2012

Matthew Stevens, “Evaluating Premise Relations”, July 2012

Catalin Mitelut, “Scientific Explanation and the Philosophy of Persuasion: Understanding Rhetoric through Scientific Principles and Mechanisms”, September 2012

Laura Benacquista, “Practical Values of Sophistic Argumentation”, August 2012

Matthew Stevens, “Evaluating Premise Relations”, July 2012

Anthony A. G. Machum, “Emergence and How One Might Live”, April 2012

Daniel J. Clemens, “Fromm and Marcuse on Psychoanalysis and Alienation, October 2011

Eric Lorne Bondy, “Emergent Properties: An Exploration of Genuine Ontological Emergences”, September 2011

Michael H. Walschots, “Adorno’s “Addendum” to Practical Reason’, September 2011

Katharina von Radziewsky, “Pulling Strings – Using Rhetoric to deal with Subjectivity in Argumentation”, June 2011

Andrew Ball, “Animal and Reflective Knowledge; Defending the Distinction in the Thought of Ernest Sosa’, May 2011

Alexandra Kostic, “Is the Road to Morality Paved with Beauty? A Kantian Answer”, April 2011

Michael Baumtrog, “Stewards for Each Other: Toward the Equal Moral Consideration of Children”, April 2011