Residence Procedures


To protect your privacy, we are unable to release any information on your whereabouts if we receive inquiries by phone or in person. We are unable to provide your extension number, room number or verify whether or not you live in the building. If someone does contact us (e.g., family member), we will instruct your RA to notify you so that you can contact the person yourself.

FIPPA Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Act

The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (the "Act") is provincial legislation that applies to all Ontario Universities effective June 10, 2006. The purposes of this Act are twofold:

  • To provide the public the right to access to institutional records; and
  • To protect the privacy of individuals with respect to personal information about themselves held by institution and to provide individuals with a right to access to that information.

Parental Inquiries

Residence Services will not release any information to any third party (i.e., parents or guardians) without written consent of the student except where authorized by law.

Emergency Contacts

Residence Services reserves the right to contact a student's designated "emergency contact" in the event of an emergency situation where the health and safety of the student are at risk.

Room Inspections

For purposes of safety, security, and maintenance, all rooms are checked once per semester and students will be given 24 hours advanced notice. These inspections do not involve intrusion into personal belongings. Any visible violations will be noted and you will receive follow up from your Residence Life Coordinator. Some items may be immediately removed if they pose a threat to the residence community.


Personal property is NOT covered by University insurance against loss, theft, or damage. Students are urged to obtain personal insurance coverage. As a precaution, all valuables should be secured and rooms locked when not occupied. All thefts must be reported to a Resident Assistant and Campus Community Police.