Cartier Hall

Cartier Hall building

Building Style: Semi-Suite
Room Style: Double
Floors: 4 
Washrooms: Semi Private
Student Type: First Year
GPA Requirement: None
Gender: Coed Building / Single Gender Rooms
Living Learning Communities:  No

In your room:

  • technology package (wifi, telephone line with voicemail - bring your own phone)
  • single bed and mattress
  • desk, chair, wastebasket, desk lamp, dresser, closet space, curtain
  • mini fridge
  • storage space under bed is approx. 14 in. or 35.5 cm in height
  • full bathroom (shower, toilet, sink) shared by two double rooms/same gender
  • personal safe rental from ABC Safeco

On your floor or building:

  • 1 Resident Assistant
  • 1 Resident Assistant - Academic
  • study room
  • kitchen
  • main lounge with large screen TV
  • cable TV in common areas
  • vending machines
  • laundry facilities ($1.75/wash, $1.50/dry - deducted from laundry account)
  • mail delivery and pick up
  • indoor storage room (bike and sports equipment)
  • prox card access to building
  • daily custodial service in all common areas

Photo Gallery


Shared between two students


Shared between four students

Study room

One provided on every floor


Kitchen on each floor shared amongst the students on the floor



Shared amongst all the students in the building

Laundry room

Shared amongst all the students in the building