Student Experience and Resources

In BCN, we believe that student success is based on experiences obtained both inside and outside the classroom. We provide support to our students to enhance their academics and enrich their training in the field of behaviour, cognition, and neuroscience, while fostering a healthy learning environment that is inclusive and supportive. Our students have access to specialized academic advisors, a network of peer mentors and opportunities training in top level research laboratories.

There is a variety of avenues through which you can receive experiential training during your undergraduate degree.  This type of training helps you to learn and develop skills by applying theory to a concrete experience and reflecting on it.  There are various courses in your program in which experiential learning is already incorporated, such as through laboratory sessions and research projects. However, there are many opportunities for experiential learning outside of the classroom, some involving volunteering and others providing funding (but they are competitive). Below is a list of the many different options through which experiential learning can occur, along with a link/email that provides further information