MMB Written Testimonials:


Rajvee Shah (MMB Cohort 2018-2019)- Currently working as a Biological Activity Technologist at Labstat International Inc., Kitchener, ON. “The MMB program is a rich blend of the science and business courses. The well-designed courses enabled me to gain insight on various aspects of drug discovery and design as well as the skills and knowledge required to get them into the market. The class activities and interactions encouraged by the professors helped me to get over my fear of public speaking. They stimulated me to think outside the box and look for the practical applications of what I was learning. Also, the biotech laboratory course trained me to plan and carry out various experiments, teaching me many biotechnological techniques. I gained confidence working on the various assignments and at the end of the program felt ready to take on the challenges of my upcoming professional career.”


Kinnari Kanani (MMB Cohort 2018-2019)- Currently working as Clinical Research Coordinator  (CRC) in Cliantha Research, Mississauga, ON. “As a CRC, I assist in conducting clinical trials and serving a point of contact between the company and patients. We carry out clinical trials for drugs in phase 1 – phase 3 to test the safety and efficacy. MMB program is a great combination of science and business courses. Understanding the scientific concepts is essential but having knowledge about management and marketing, it really helps to express your scientific knowledge in the cooperate world. According to me one of the best things in entrepreneurship course was the elevator pitch that played a very important role while going for the interview as well as right now while working in the industry. Other courses are well developed discussing the recent discoveries regarding new ways to treat different diseases.”

Tasmia Mahmuda (MMB Cohort 2018-2019)- Currently working as Application Scientist in Bioinformatics Solutions Inc. Waterloo, ON. “I came into UWindsor’s Master of Medical Biotechnology program (MMB) with a background in Medicine. During my time in undergrad, the science classes that I undertook sparked my interest in the application of biochemistry and molecular biology to clinical therapies. This program offers a comprehensive overview of biotechnology, ranging from purely scientific concepts to the business and economic aspects of the burgeoning industry. I would highly recommend the program to anyone who has an interest in getting involved in any area of biotechnology, whether it be through lab research, management, consulting or investments. I must say this program provides enough resources that prepared me well for landing into my dream job after graduating. All in all, there are abundant resources, excellent professors and creative students here. Anyone who wants to learn about biotechnology or pursue any career related to life sciences  should make this program their first choice for a master’s program. I’m honored to be an alumni of the MMB program.”

Yena Patel (MMB Cohort 2018-2019) - Currently serving as Biotech Analyst at the SGS Canada and previously employed as Regulatory Affairs Associate at the Medicap Laboratories, Windsor, ON. “After working with Indian biotech industry for 5 years I felt strong requirement of business management lessons to grow effectively in this industry. And fortunately, at the same time I came across to Master of Medical Biotechnology program at the University of Windsor. The program is structured in a way where one can deepen their scientific learnings along with evolving their business perspectives. I am glad that I enrolled myself in to this program which not only helped me to upgrade my scientific concept but also allowed me to learn developmental skills such as project management, pitch presentation, team work, marketing lessons, which are ultimately helping me to grow strongly in biotech/pharma industry.”

Anusha Konatala  (MMB Cohort 2018-2019): Currently serving as project manager (scrum master) at Crescenza Consulting Group, Windsor. “ It’s been completely different experience from back home, MMB program is a good blend of biotechnology and business courses. I got to realize that developing a bioproduct and its marketing strategy are equally important to make it available for the need in the market. I can strongly say these business courses I have taken till now developed my insights into the biotechnology/pharmaceutical market industry and its regulations. I am confident enough now to look forward for the placements in the research as well in the management sector of an firm.”

Nauras Ghuman  (MMB Cohort 2018-2019): “Biotechnology is such an interesting field that has had an indelible footprint on medicine. Medical Biotechnology (MMB) program has allowed me to focus on and experience the medical applications of biotechnology, with its rich curriculum and lab work. I was given insights into the pharmacology of drugs, the nature of complex proteins and lipids in our body, and the basics of lab procedures which have a widespread application in medical and drug research. The best part about MMB program, however, was the addition of business and marketing courses which have opened us, those from a completely science-based background, to the world of business and entrepreneurship. Overall, I feel this program has equipped me to build careers in medical biotechnology, both from a business and science perspective- all because of the support and knowledge of teachers and the way they set tasks, projects and presentations for us. They simulated an environment that we would have to face in the real-world and trained us to thrive in it. I truly cherish the knowledge and experience that MMB has given me.”

Sai Koushik Oruganti (MMB Cohort 2017-2018)- Currently serving as QA Associate, Accuristix, Brampton. “The Master of Medical Biotechnology program at the University of Windsor is a fast-paced, highly interdisciplinary, allowing students to gain a strong understanding of core concepts related to Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Sciences. This program is a great way to learn about biotech in industry and entrepreneurial aspects of biotechnology”

Tasnim Reza (MMB Cohort 2015-2016) - Previously worked with Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, Mars Centre, Toronto, ON. “The MMB program allowed me to explore different aspects of Health Science. It provided me with a deeper understanding of drug discovery processes and how to navigate through the global market. The science and the lab courses allowed me to understand the background processes that are involved in drug development. The business side of the program provided me with the tools to understand the global market and how to operate in it. As an entrepreneur, I can utilize the professional knowledge I received from excellent teachers which would facilitate and nourish my business. The challenges and problem-solving skills I learned from this program are helping me in the professional world and would help me in my academic future.”

Kathyani Parasram (MMB Cohort 2014-2015) - PhD Candidate, Biological Sciences, University of Windsor. “The MMB program has deepened my understanding of the pharmacological basis of drugs, the requirements for biotechnology product approval, and the global market environment for the biotechnology industry. It has provided me with the ability to understand, explore and solve problems/challenges for both business and scientific problems. The skills I have gained will serve me well in future academic and professional tasks”

JayKumar Amruita, (MMB Cohort 2014-2015) – Currently serving as  Departmental Compliance Coordinator, Apotex Inc, Toronto, ON. "In today's knowledge driven era, multidisciplinary intelligence is must. Master of Medical Biotechnology program helped me craft my knowledge of Marketing, Business and Entrepreneurship along with Biotechnology. MMB is a great and resourceful start for budding entrepreneurs."


Navkiran Singh (MMB Cohort 2013-2014) - Currently working as QA Specialist for Apotex Pharmaceuticals, largest producer for Generic Drugs in Canada. Previously worked for Septodont Pharmaceuticals. “I decided to go for this program due to its versatility of courses allowing me to apply the fundamentals of Science in my work. My cohort was an extremely diverse group, so it was exciting and challenging to have so many different perspectives. The program MMB exceeded my expectations. I now have ongoing professional relationships with a number of my classmates. Also, I was very impressed with the caliber and diversity of the faculty, whose broad range of expertise enables them to take academic lessons and apply them to the real world. Overall, it was a great experience being a part of this program.”

Harpreet Kaur  (MMB Cohort 2013-2014)- Currently working as Quality Control Chemist, GSK, Toronto, ON. “Being an International student and the decision to come abroad wasn’t an easy one to make particularly the different educational systems, new people, and the new culture was all frightening. But surprisingly, the University of Windsor turned out to be one of my greatest and glorifying decision in an upgrading my learnings, skill development and skill diversification. Lab sessions and practical’s helped me figure out what the life of science is.  There are many schools that teach, but not the way University of Windsor faculty and staff care. The faculty here was very supportive. The MMB program is a unique program which has helped me achieve success in the areas of pharmaceutical/ biotechnology industry.”

Professional Development Workshop Feedback

Tailoring Your Resume and Cover Letter Workshop Feedback

“For this workshop, I really like the Skills, Experiences, Achievements (SEAs) activity, which helps to remind me of my techniques, skills and my achievements as much as possible so that I can write in my resume.  Also, the slide of key action verbs can really provide me with more professional words for my resume.” - Chi Wang (MMB Cohort Fall 2019-2020).

Exam Strategies and Multiple-Choice Tests Workshop Feedback 

"Exam strategies was a very effective workshop and familiarized us with some amazing ideas which we could use while preparing for our tests. These strategies didn’t just include the native methods, such as brain mapping or practicing sample questions before hand, but also some applications we can use online, such as Quizlet and Custom Exam to make our leaning experience even more interesting. Data dumping and the quick steps to approach a question were my personal favorites! This was a very helpful seminar especially considering the fact that dealing with MCQs is something we face at very frequent basis and concluded with some quick Dos and Don’ts. Overall, the seminar was indeed very captivating!” - Bhatt, Mrunali Manoj (MMB Cohort  2019-2020). 

Writing Skills Workshop Feedback
 “From today’s session, I got insight into scientific writing that is very necessary for academic purpose. This kind of session should be held each and every year. It helps student to identify their weak areas and writing style.” - Hitendrakumar Gelani (MMB Cohort 2015-2016)

“Feedback session is really useful for me because It helps me to know how can I improve my writing skills and what are my deficiencies in writing papers. In addition, you provided so many useful tips for us to follow!”  - Miao Zhang (MMB Cohort 2015-2016)

Program Event Feedbacks

Leadership and Pitching Event on Feb 26, 2016 Feedback
“I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to you, and thank you so much for all your efforts for all MMB students. I learnt many things from this event  including how to be confident in front of people, how to inspire, influence and impact others” - Xiaodong Liu (MMB Cohort 2015-2016)

Study Groups Initiative Feedback

  “I really loved study group initiative when I first joined the program. It really helped peers exchange ideas and information to understand a concept in most creative manner. It is also satisfying to help a friend in solving an issue they are facing at the moment. I observed that students are actively enthusiastic about getting involved. Students had positive responses and were eager to attend more sessions which really made the whole endeavor delightful.” – Tushara Iyyanki Sreesesha, (MMB Cohort 2019)


Discussion Forum Feedback
“The discussion is a good way sharing ideas. I liked the concept. Also, in our professional career these kinds of conversation really help in connecting with each other.” – Seerat Mander (MMB Cohort 2014-2015)

Invited Speaker Series Feedback
“I really like the guest speaker. I think the information was very helpful and informed us about the innovation and entrepreneurship and their roles to transform healthcare.” - Mawada Hamza (MMB Cohort 2014-2015)

 “I am writing this email with immense pleasure to highly appreciate organizing such interesting and knowledge-able guest lectures and seminar series. It’s not for this speaker only, but it’s for the all the lectures organized till date. Everyone presented their lecture in a highly planned manner with holding our interest and attention.” - Harpreet Kaur, (MMB Cohort 2013-2014)

Professional Development Series Feedback
“As the most distinctive characteristic of MMB program is the combination of scientific academic knowledge and biotechnology commercialization, some practical and career-driven workshop was highly beneficial to us.” - Xinwen Liang  (MMB Cohort 2015-2016)

Field Trips Feedbacks

 “The trip that we had for MaRS and ROM was wonderful. I enjoyed it thoroughly and gained a lot of good information regarding entrepreneurship at MaRS, Toronto and from Royal Ontario Museum I had the chance to know about Canadian culture and its aboriginal people. It was a once in a life-time experience to go on a trip with the entire class and you.” - Sahibjot Kaur  (MMB Cohort 2015-2016)

“The trip to Jamieson’s was really informative and knowledgeable. I personally gained a lot of information from the trip. It was really good to see the manufacturing units, packaging units in realtime. We also got a chance to see a lot of equipment that are used in various stages of drug manufacturing process.” – Krishna  (MMB Cohort 2013-2014)

 “I was so impressed by the well-equipped Apotex manufacturing factory with advanced technologies, which provided us the most intuitive drug production process. What I learned on that day is that Quality Control exits everywhere. Given my past working experience, we often talked about quality control from a more abstract perspective. Today, this field trip helped me to understand comprehensively and practically. What's the most important is that you built a potential pathway for us to find jobs in the near future.” - Li Zhao ( MMB Batch 2019-2020)


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