2022 -23 Seminar Schedule

All seminars will be held online or in person at 10:30 a.m., Eastern Time. If you are interested in our seminar series, please contact Dr. Yahong Zhang at yzhang@uwindsor.ca.

Fall 2022 Seminar Schedule

October 21

Bo Jiang, Xian Jiaotong, Liverpool University (host: Steven)

November 11

Klaas van 't Veld, University of Wyoming (host: Charlie)

November 18

Shahar Rotberg, Canada Mortgage & Housing Corp (host: Yahong) - cancelled

November 24

Rose Anne Devlin, University of Ottawa (host: Sang-Chul)

November 25

Daniel Barczyk, McGill University (host: Marcelo)

Winter 2023 Seminar Schedule

January 13

Hanchen Jiang, University of North Texas (host: Steven)

February 10

Sergio Ocampo Díaz, University of Western Ontario (host: Marcelo)

March 10

Qingqing Cao, Michigan State University (host: Nurlan)

March 17

Shahar Rotberg, Canada Mortgage & Housing Corp (host: Yahong)

March 24

Malik Shukayev, University of Alberta (host: Yahong)