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Tutors Available

On this page is an up-to-date list of tutors offering their services.  Please be aware that the Department of Mathemaitcs and Statistics does not endorse or vet the tutors listed and that all scheduling and fee arrangements are between the tutor and student.  If you are a tutor and wish to be listed email To ensure that this list is current, all entries will be deleted on July 1, unless you have made prior arrangements to have your listing reposted.

Tutor Name: Khushita Mistry
Tutor Contact Info:  Cell: 519-992-0615; email:
Tutor For:  MATH-1720 (Differential Calculus); MATH-1730 (Integral calculus); and STAT-2910 (Statistics for the Sciences);

Tutor Name: Dr. Ahmed Merie
Tutor Contact Info:
Cell: 226-246-4802
Tutor For:  All first, second and third year courses in Mathematics and Statistics

Tutor Name: Mr. Raj Patel
Tutor Contact Info:  patel1gv@uwindsor.caCell: 519-992-6711
Tutor For:  Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus, Differential Equation, Linear Algebra 1, Algebra, Trigonometry, and High School Mathemtics

Tutor Name: Mr. Rahul Patel
Tutor Contact Info:  patel1il@uwindsor.caTel: 226-961-1662
Tutor For:  Basic Math & Science, Linear Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, Probability.

Tutor Name: Mr. Robert Krausz, (BEng, BEd Math/Physics, PhD)
Tutor Contact Info: 
www.robkrausz.comSkype: Rob Krausz Tutor, email:
Tutor For:  All Mathematics and Statistics Undergraduate Courses.

Tutor Name: Mr. Hardik Hajela
Tutor Contact Info: Tel: 519-995-8209
Tutor For:  Linear Algebra I, Differential Calculus, Mathematical Foundations, & High school math and stats courses.

Tutor Name: Mr. Amandeep Heer
Tutor Contact Info: Tel: 647-496-0968
Tutor For:  High school math; Math-1720 (Differential Calculus); MATH-1730 (Integral Calculus); MATH-1760 (Function and Differential Calculus): MATH-1980 (Mathematics for Business); STAT-2910 (Statistics for the Sciences); STAT-2920 (Introduction to Probability); STAT-2950 (Introduction to Statistics; and STAT-3920-Probabilty).
Edited (June 22/20)