Graduate Programs

Our Department is known for its world-class research, excellent facilities, and great teaching and learning environment.

The Doctor of Philosophy degree from UWindsor's Physics Department is highly valued. Our alumni go on to develop exciting careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Biomedical fields, both within and outside the academy.

We also offer a popular Master of Science degree program. There are three paths to earning a Master of Science degree:

  1. Thesis option (Option a [2 Years])
  2. Major-paper option (Option b [1 Year])
  3. Course-work option (Option c [1 Year])

MSc students transfer into our PhD program, go onto PhDs at other universities, or go on to employment in the education, industrial and non-profit sectors. Students in our research-based graduate programs work with internationally-renowned groups in the areas of: Atomic, Molecular, and Optical (AMO) Physics, Materials Science, Biomedical Physics and Sub-atomic/Nuclear/Particle Physics

Complete information on our graduate programs can be found in the Department of Physics Graduate Handbook.

We also offer Summer Research Fellowships for entering domestic (Canadian citizen / landed immigrant) students. 

Summer Research Fellowship Letter & Application Form

If you are applying to a graduate program in the Department of Physics at UWindsor, please fill out the Graduate Program Admission Supplemental Form and upload to your eGAS application portal in PDF format. This form will be used to direct your file to the appropriate faculty members for consideration.