Experiential Education in Physics

The Co-operative Education Program offers students the opportunity to combine their classroom experiences with related work experiences. Students who apply and are accepted into the Co-operative Education Program must successfully complete at least three paid work experiences interspersed throughout the four-year Honours program. The experience gained while participating in these structure and supervised work placements is viewed as an integral component of the student's educational program.

The Co-operative Education Program is available for the following degrees:

  • Physics co-op
  • Physics with thesis co-op
  • Physics (medical physics) co-op
  • Physics (medical physics) with thesis co-op
  • Interdisciplinary arts and science co-op

Undergraduate Academic Requirements:

  • must maintain a minimum cumulative average of 65%, and
  • must obtain a minimum major average of 65%, and
  • must not have more than one outstanding grade <50% on their transcript.

Upon completion of a co-op program, students will be able to:

  • Apply confidently for employment with an appropriate resume (both professional and technical), cover letter and interview preparation.
  • Articulate links between classroom theory and workplace practice.
  • Achieve greater clarity regarding their academic and career goals, as well as personal strengths, weaknesses and preferences.
  • Demonstrate critical workplace professional skills such as:
    • Acquisition, application and integration of knowledge;
    • Research skills, including the ability to define problems and access, retrieve and evaluate information (information literacy);
    • Critical thinking and problem solving skills;
    • Responsible behaviour to self, others and society;
    • Interpersonal and communications skills;
    • Teamwork, personal and group leadership skills;
  • Articulate a greater understanding of workplace culture.
  • Build, maintain and use networks of contacts in their chosen career field.
  • Make an effective contribution in the workplace.