Two exchange students in Cinque Terre

Language Preparation

While many exchange programs permit students to study in English, one of the biggest benefits of an exchange is the opportunity to become fluent in another language. Full-year exchanges are preferable to one semester exchanges for this purpose. Students who want to get the most out of an exchange experience should prepare by taking appropriate language courses as soon as they begin university.

With the right preparation, it is fully possible that you will come back from exchange comfortably speaking, hearing, reading and writing another language. This is incredibly impressive to future employers!

The Department of Language, Literature and Cultures now offers special accelerated language classes that make it easier to go on a second language exchange in third year. These are available in German, Italian, and Spanish and may be taken by students in any academic program.

Language Assessment

If you are applying for an exchange where the language of instruction is not English you must make arrangements to undergo a language assessment with the Languages department.

For access to the Language Assessment form please contact the Exchange Office at

The Languages department is located on the 6th Floor of Lambton Tower.

French, German, Italian and Spanish assessments are available.

The results of the assessment are reported online by the professor conducting the assessment (access to the form is restricted to faculty members in LLC, students do not have access).

This assessment will be shared with the partner school as part of your application to them.