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Keep this handy tips sheet with you in your school bag for a quick reminder of how to achieve academic success!
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Having difficulty concentrating? Try incorporating some of these tips into your studying sessions.
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Need help keeping up with how quickly your professor speaks during class? This list will help you write your notes quickly and more efficiently.
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Are you doing everything you can to prepare yourself for your upcoming midterm/test? Use this checklist as a guide to improving your study and review process.
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Having trouble focusing your attention on your studies? This handout is an excellent resource to help you with different concentration strategies.
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To get started with your semester schedule, view this sample of how to fill out the above worksheet.
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Organize your upcoming assignments and tests using a semester schedule. Be sure to include notes and feedback given by your professor to reflect on successes and improvements.
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This worksheet is a great way to start taking control of your time. Remember to be realistic, and flexible with your time (and include some fun activites and social/self-care time).
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Feeling axious before your upcoming test? Be sure to take this quick Test Anxiety Inventory to discover how your anxiety manifests. Be sure to attend a workshop for strategies of how to manage your test anxiety.
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The Portal provides shared access to resources from all Ontario Colleges.

The Learning Portal website

Khan Academy offers online videos to help you learn the different subjects covered in your classes. 

Khan Academy website

The UWindsor of Windsor provides you free access to where you can access over 267,000 video tutorials, and 6,700 online courses.

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