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Frequently Asked Questions

  • During your first week, be sure to:
    • Attend Windsor Welcome Week to become acquainted with campus and to meet some friends who you might have class with.
    • Locate where your classes will be and in which buildings
    • Pick up your free Campus Compass (at the CAW Front Desk)
    • Meet with an academic advisor
    • Read your course syllabi
    • Introduce yourself to 2 new people in each class and get their contact information - you never know when you might be sick and unable to attend class
  • During your first month, be sure to:
    • Make a semester to do list (available on the STEPS Free Resources page)
      • Be sure to include all of your assignments, tests, papers and finals
    • Make a weekly schedule and post it on your refrigerator (available on the STEPS Free Resources page)
    • Vist your professor/GA/TA during their office hours
    • Visit the Writing Support Desk for assistance with your academic writing

Every student has their own unique needs and preferences when it comes to their preferred method of note taking. Always be sure to carry some extra items with you.

  • Your notetaking instrument (laptop, tablet, notebook, binder and paper, etc...)
    • If you use a laptop/tablet, be sure to have your charger with you. It is a good idea to also bring a small notebook and a couple of pens with you in case your battery runs out and you forgot your charger.
  • Pens and/or pencils
  • White out
  • Highlighters
  • A refreshment (water, coffee, etc...)
  • A small snack (if your professor allows this during their class)

Every student will have their own school essentials. Below is a list of important items that every student should keep in their school bag.

  • Laptop/tablet/notebook/etc...
  • Pencil Case
    • Always keep extra supplies in your pencil case. You don't want your pen to run out of ink during a final and not have an extra.
  • Student Card and UWindsor bus pass
  • Refillable travel mug/tumbler
  • Food for the day (lunch and/or dinner, small snack)
  • Hand sanitizer and kleenex
  • Foldable umbrella (it could rain between walking to courses)

If you are concerned this is a lot to carry with you each day, students are able to rent lockers from the CAW front desk for a nominal fee.

  • Read all of your course syllabi
  • Make a semester to do list (available on the STEPS Free Resources page)
    • Be sure to include all of your assignments, tests, papers and finals
  • Keep a daily to-do list and update it each day
  • Get a planner
    • You can pick up your free Campus Compass from the CAW front desk
  • Ensure you have study and review times built into your weekly schedule
  • Give yourself a deadline to complete a task

There are many opportunities to become involved on campus and/or within the Windsor-Essex community.

  • Attend the Involvement Fair during Welcome Week
  • Visit the UWSA website to uncover all of the available clubs/societies and upcoming events
  • Read the Daily News
  • Check your UWindsor email
  • Ask your friends
  • Do:
    • Regularly attend class
    • Stay on top of your readings
    • Set goals to accomplish a task
    • Have regular review and study sessions built into your weekly schedule so you aren't cramming before a test/final
    • Visit your professor during their office hours
      • Bring questions with you to ensure you don't forget anything
    • Meet new friends
      • Make 2 new friends in each of your classes. This will help in case you are ever sick and unable to attend a class.
    • Form study groups
    • Maintain a well-balanced lifestyle (academics, work, health and wellness, social life)
  • Don't:
    • Leave class mid-lecture (unless it's an emergency or you have already emailed the professor)
    • Procrastinate
    • Submit assignments late
    • Ask your professor for copies of their lecture notes if you were unable to attend class
  • Become more organized
  • Pick up your free copy of the Campus Compass (CAW Front Desk)
  • Visit with an academic advisor
  • Visit the Writing Support Desk (located in Leddy Library)
  • Sign up for Bounce Back

Academic Probation means you did not meet the minimum grade point requirements for your program. If you are on Academic Probration you should:

  • Meet with your faculty advisor as soon as possible for program specific information and to discuss how this could impact you
  • Meet with your academic advisor
  • Visit the Peer Support Centre (located on the upper level of the CAW Student Centre)

If you are unable to manage your anxiety make an appointment with the Student Counselling Centre. Free and confidential counselling is available to UWindsor students.