Over 300 students enjoying Welcome Week at the Toldo Lancer Centre.

Leadership Opportunities

There are 100s of leadership opportunities across campus! Explore the links below to connect with a student-leadership opportunity at the University of Windsor!

Faculty Society

Contact information

Odette Commerce Society


Website: https://www.odettecommerce.com/

Email: ocs@uwindsor.ca

Society of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (SAHSS)

Email: sahss@uwindsor.ca


Human Kinetics Society



Website: https://www.uwindsor.ca/kinesiology/834/hk-society

Email: hkspres@uwindsor.ca

Science Society


Website: https://www.uwinscisoc.com/

Email: scisoc@uwindsor.ca



Website: http://windsorengsoc.ca/

Email: engsoc@uwindsor.ca



Email: uwinnursingsoc@uwindsor.ca


The Student Success and Leadership Centre offers programs to enhance your academic learning, personal success and leadership skills. 

LEAD Volunteer Program 

Present focus: provide the following opportunities for students to mentor and assist new incoming first-year undergraduate students with transition obstacles inherent in campus life.

  • Event Volunteer - responsible for assisting in the orchestration of Head Start, Welcome Week and Winter Orientation
  • Executive Committee - responsible for social programming for all volunteers
  • Advisory Board Committees - responsible for critiquing and improving Head Start Welcome Week and our volunteer training program

Visit the website for more information: http://www.uwindsor.ca/success/319/about-lead

AIM Leadership Symposium

This symposium offers leadership training and development to students who participate in leading official university committees. Students from across the campus will have the opportunity to network with other students who serve in similar roles, and learn skills that will prepare them for their specific tasks.

Visit the website for more information: https://www.uwindsor.ca/success/524/aim-leadership-symposium

Lancer Leadership Conference

This student-led conference will happen in January or February each year. Students from all across the campus will present their vision for leadership. The conference will open with a stellar keynote speaker, and the day will be filled with a host of high-energy events. The LLC includes the BOOST workshop series, offered by skilled professionals from many offices and departments.

Visit the website for more information: https://www.uwindsor.ca/success/lancerslead

There are many opportunities to get involved in leadership through Residence Life. They offer paid staff positions as well as a plethora of volunteer leadership opportunities.

Staff positions include:

  • Resident Assistants
  • Community Assistants
  • Peer mentors for Living Learning Communities
  • Representatives on Windsor Inter-residence council
  • Student Conduct Board Coordinator
  • Student Conduct Board Members
  • Representatives on Residence and Food Services Advisory Board
  • Windsor Inter-residence Council
  • Desk Services Coordinator
  • Desk Service Staff positions

To learn more about getting involved in Residence life, please visit their website:


Lancer Recreation has many leadership and engagement opportunities for students. These opportunities include paid jobs and volunteer positions.

Job opportunities include (but are not limited to): officiating in intramural sports; working as a summer camp counselor; serving patrons as a front desk customer service desk attendant; doing social media, marketing and promotion; strength and conditioning coaching; leading clients as a personal trainer or group fitness instructor; maintaining our vast and glorious St. Denis Centre building as a facility monitor; event planning and management for club sports; leading clients through adventure as a Challenge Course facilitator; work study...the list goes on!

Visit their website to learn more about these opportunities and to apply to the specific jobs: http://www.uwindsor.ca/lancerrecreation/346/apply

The University of Windsor Senate is responsible for oversight of and governance of the university with a particular focus on academic matters such as academic policy, admission requirements, program regulations, program development, and the student discipline system.

Students from the University of Windsor Student Association (UWSA), Graduate Student Society (GSS), International Student Society (ISS), Organization of Part-time students (OPUS) and Residence Life representatives sit on Senate committees such as Academic Policy, Program Development, Senate Governance, and Senate Student Caucus Mandate. These positions provide students with significant leadership opportunities and allow students to provide valuable insight in the Senate decision-making process. Here is your opportunity to participate in university governance!

For more information regarding these positions visit the Senate website and find out more about the standing committees: http://www.uwindsor.ca/secretariat/15/standing-committees

The ISC offers a range of work and volunteer opportunities including welcome desk jobs, event coordinator positions and many volunteer opportunities through the International Student Society (ISS), VISA, language conversion groups, etc.

To learn more visit their website: http://www.uwindsor.ca/international-student-centre/98/getting-involved

The Academic Administrative Units (AAUs) include Departments, Schools, and, in the case of faculties that are not divided into departments, the Faculty itself.

By Senate rule, student representation must be included on of the following AAU committees:

  • Appointments
  • Renewal, Tenure, and Promotion (RTP)
  • Faculty, School, or Department Council

These committees make important decisions about hiring new professors (Appointments), renewing or promoting professors to new ranks (RTP), and managing the academic affairs of the AAU. Procedures and quorum requirements may vary, and are set out in Bylaw 20 (Appointments Committees) and Bylaw 22 (Renewal, Tenure, and Promotion Committees). Student participation in AAU committees differs across faculties and programs. AAUs may appoint students from their respective student councils, or may appoint individual students from each year of study.  

Visit the AAU website to learn more about the committees: http://www.uwindsor.ca/aauheads/resources/

If you are a graduate student looking for leadership and mentorship opportunities, please visit the GA/TA network websites; http://www.uwindsor.ca/aauheads/resources/gata-network.html https://www.uwindsor.ca/ctl/388/gata

The Network strives to create mentorship opportunities and teaching and learning resources to support graduate and undergraduate teaching assistants (GAs and TAs) with improving their knowledge and skills.

The Office of Career Development and Experiential Learning helps students get ready for the world of work by supporting their career development. They offer numerous workshops to help you assess yourself and plan your career.

Ignite work-study positions are available across the campus, as well as volunteer positions through the VIP-Community Service Learning.

CDEL also offers student staff positions such as peer career advisors. You can visit the mySuccess website to access to job opportunities, employment-related resources, appointment bookings with their staff, information about upcoming events, and more!

Visit their website to learn more about what this department as to offer: http://www.uwindsor.ca/career-development-experiential/

Co-op and Internship opportunities are offered within many programs across campus, including Business, Human Kinetics, Engineering, Computer Science, Physics and Chemistry/Biochemistry. Co-operative Education & Workplace Partnerships provides students with a well-rounded education that is founded in both academics and real-world application.  Many of the University's Coop and Internship partners are specifically seeking students who have leadership skills, or are seeking to develop in that area. Visit the Co-op website to learn more: http://www.uwindsor.ca/coop-workplace-partnerships/

Unique Leadership Opportunities

The Bystander Initiative

The UWindsor Bystander Initiative (BI) is a comprehensive, campus-wide approach to sexual violence prevention. Our approach, unique in Canada, is designed to produce a series of small but persistent changes in students’ thinking and behaviour. Over time, our goal is to shift the campus climate, to build a community that looks out for each other and does not tolerate sexual violence. You can take a workshop, take a course, or lead a workshop.  



Enactus is a non-profit, student-run organization based in the Odette School of Business. Enactus works to better livelihoods in the community by using the power of entrepreneurship. Students and faculty members work together on the different projects of Enactus to offer services that meet the needs of our target market. Enactus offers opportunities to develop leadership skills by helping others develop business skills and strategies. For further information, visit their website!

Flip the Script

The Flip the Script™ with EAAA workshop is a sexual assault resistance education program for young women that have been extensively researched and shown to decrease the likelihood of experiencing sexual assault in the future.