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Leadership Opportunities

 Leadership begins with training - you learn what leadership is.

Leadership skills progress through development - you participate in conferences, team-building exercises, and shared leadership experiences.

Leadership should also be expressed in a practical way - you accept responsibility for a leadership position, in a particular context.

This page lists many campus co-curricular leadership opportunities. There are many more! Please ask your program's Department Head, your Dean's office, or your program's student association about available positions in leadership. Consider joining a student association, such as SASS, EngSoc, or SciSoc! Getting involved is a great way to find leadership opportunities.

This page was built in collaboration with many campus partners - the UWSA, the university administration, and leadership professionals across the campus. Our thanks for their many contributions! We are always looking for more opportunities! If you are a program manager and you'd like us to link to your program on this page, please contact us at

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Unique Leadership Opportunities



Enactus is a non-profit, student-run organization based in the Odette School of Business. Enactus works to better livelihoods in the community by using the power of entrepreneurship. Students and faculty members work together on the different projects of Enactus to offer services that meet the needs of our target market. Enactus offers opportunities to develop leadership skills through helping others develop business skills and strategies. For further information, visit their website!