What is the cost of the VABE program?

Students’ estimated costs are broken down into two separate categories, one is the tuition fee paid to the University of Windsor and the other is the program fee paid directly to the University of Detroit Mercy.  ** Please be advised that these are tuition estimates and costs may change from year to year.

University of Windsor

Year 1, Semester 1- $5,265.19 CDN
Year 1 – $10,300  CDN
Year 2 – $10,300 CDN
Year 3 – $10,300  CDN

University of Detroit Mercy

Year 1 – $2,800  USD
Year 2 – $5,700  USD
Year 3 – $5,700  USD

Year 4:

University of Windsor: Students choosing to remain in the VABE program and receive their BFA from the University of Windsor will pay their fourth year tuition at UWindsor only.

University of Detroit Mercy: Those accepted into the fourth year of the architectural program at UDM will pay full US tuition at the University of Detroit Mercy.