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Scholarships and Awards

There are numerous Undergraduate Awards that you can take advantage of at the University of Windsor. These are administered through the Student Awards and Financial Aid office and are available in the following categories.

Entrance Awards

Entrance awards are granted to a student entering university directly from high school and include Open Scholarships, Competition Awards, Entrance Bursaries (need-based), and others. The University of Windsor automatically identifies entrance award opportunities available to you during the application process and will include the details with your admission offer.

In-Course Awards

The Odette School of Business provides a number of in-course awards available exclusively to business students. These scholarships/awards/bursaries offered to students in second year and beyond are based on consideration of at least one of the following attributes: academic merit, financial need, school involvement. While a number of in-course awards are administered automatically on the basis of academic achievement, you are encouraged to visit the awards section of myUWindsor frequently to identify awards you may be eligible for that must be applied to.


Part-time work on campus may be available if you qualify. This program is need-based and provides a supplement to other available student assistance in addition to valuable work experience. This is especially important for those individuals who will be managing student loan repayment upon graduation.

Business students are encouraged to learn more about the UWindsor work-study program called "Ignite".