Kerri Burchill

Visiting Fellows

Kerri Burchill

October 20 - November 28, 2014
and January 20 - 27, 2015

Kerri Burchill has over 20 years experience in adult learning and secondary education.  She is a doctoral candidate at Eastern Michigan University (EMU), with an academic focus that examines the processes and practices novice professors use to develop pedagogical skills.  Kerri also currently serves as adjunct faculty at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. 

About ten years ago, Kerri and her partner of 20 years realized that their life in Calgary, Alberta was a little too stable, ironically too comfortable.  Seeking adventure and growth, Kerri took a position as principal of a K-12 school in Dominica, West Indies, followed by work in NYC’s “persistently dangerous” middle schools.  Her international experiences and passion for learning inspired her to seek a doctoral degree in education at EMU.  While living in Michigan and working on her degree, Kerri also taught classes at EMU, Michigan University, and Sanford-Brown College.  Life has recently taken her family to Baltimore where she is completing her dissertation. 

Kerri is passionate about helping individuals and organizations make progress, captured by her personal mission, “I am a bridge.”  Her award recognition underscores her passion for supporting others make progress.  In 2005, Kerri was recognized with the Alberta Centennial Medal, a provincial recognition for leadership, volunteerism and community contributions.  In 2001, Kerri was honored with the PanCanadian Teacher's Choice Award for having played a significant role in the life of a student.