Sue Purnell

Visiting Fellows

Sue Purnell

September 20 - December 15, 2010

Sue Purnell is an Academic Developer in the Educational Development Division of the Centre for Lifelong Learning at University of Liverpool, in Liverpool, UK. In this role, she manages the University Peer Review of Teaching Programme, organises the University’s annual Learning and Teaching Conference, and trains graduate teaching assistants and university researcher staff. She also contributes to the Certificate in Professional Studies in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education and the Post Graduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education.

Before joining the University of Liverpool, Sue worked in New Zealand Universities and Polytechnics for nearly 15 years in the areas of learning and teaching in adult and higher education. She has also taught groups of professionals in Syria and Tanzania, as well as working quite extensively with colleagues in China at Liverpool’s sister university Xi'an Jiaotong Liverpool University (XJLTU), and run evaluation projects in Senegal and Ghana for the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. In 2006, she worked with two colleagues in the development of a Quality Assurance handbook, Getting Education Right: First steps in Quality Assurance for Tutors and Students, for educators in developing countries.

Sue’s main research interests include inclusive teaching, students’ transition into university and their subsequent engagement, progression, and retention, and small group work and innovative teaching strategies.

Sue Purnell presenting one of her workshops

Sue Purnell presenting at one of her workshops.

Sue Purnell stands in front of Niagara Falls

Sue on her excursion to Niagara Falls.

Sue Purnell stands on an elevated platform with Point Pelee National Park marsh in the background.

Sue visits Point Pelee National Park.

Sue Purnell stands on beach at Point Pelee National Park with the point in the background.

Sue enjoys the view at Point Pelee National Park.

Sue Purnell dressed up for Halloween as a Detroit wing hockey fan with other members of the CTL.

Michael Potter, Laurie Freeman-Gibb, Erika Kustra, Lori Stolarchuk and Sue Purnell have a good time at the faculty and staff Halloween party.

Sue Purnell stands on beach at Point Pelee National Park with the point in the background.

Sue talks to Jan Sobocan at the fifth annual Celebration of Teaching Excellence.