Nick Baker

Visiting Fellows

Nick Baker

June - August, 2008

The CTL was delighted to have Nick Baker as a Visiting Fellow at the University of Windsor from June through August.

Nick Baker is a Lecturer in Higher Education for the Teaching and Educational Development Institute at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. He works on enhancing all aspects of the student experience at UQ, including transitional challenges, teaching and learning issues, and learning space design. In previous incarnations, he has been a journalist, instructional designer, manager of an educational resource development unit, and a lecturer in ecology – a discipline in which he still teaches and in which places and spaces for learning are critical determinants of the outcomes for graduates.

Nick Baker with Alan Wright

Nick Baker and Alan Wright at the Summer Series 2008 workshops.

Nick Baker at Summer Series

Nick presenting one of the Summer Series 2008 workshops.

Nick Baker presenting at STLHE

Nick presenting at the 28th Annual STLHE Conference held in Windsor.

Nick Baker with wayward bat

Nick's ecological background came in handy when a wayward bat found its way into a CTL office.

Nick Baker with wayward bat

With his extensive Australian outback knowledge, Nick was able to subdue the beast and release it back into the wild.

Alan Wright presenting certificate to Nick Baker

Alan Wright presenting Nick Baker an official Bat Catcher certificate during a farewell gala in Nick's honour.

Bat catcher certificate

A close up of the Bat Catcher certificate. Nick has promised to fly in from Australia should another animal infiltrate the CTL again.