Drama in Education and Community with a Concentration in Applied Theatre


If you are looking forward to a career in applied theatre, the educational and developmental drama fields, and to practice good leadership, the Honours Bachelor of Arts in Drama in Education and Community (Applied Theatre) Program is for you.

The unique undergraduate program combines practical, student-centered learning with immediate application in a variety of settings including schools, art galleries, museums, hospitals, senior citizen residences, health agencies, and multicultural organizations.

Required courses in Applied Theatre will provide you with training in the areas of improvisation, mask, devised theatre, puppetry, and physical theatre.

You will also be able to choose a customized set of courses outside of dramatic art, such as Women and Gender Studies, Disability Studies, Pre-Social Work, Social Justice or health sciences, that will complement and inform your dramatic art training and prepare you to work with a variety of populations across the life span.

For those interested in pursuing a teaching degree at the Primary/Junior K-6 level, this program provides experience working in local elementary schools in your second year of study. Courses in developmental drama, literacy, curriculum applications, and research help prepare you for a successful teaching career and a two-year consecutive Bachelor of Education program to which you must apply in your final year.

Career Paths

  • Elementary, special education or secondary school teachers (with additional studies)*
  • Youth Arts Counsellor
  • Artist in Residence
  • Arts administration
  • Theatre for young audiences performers
  • Theatre for social action practitioner, pro-activism
  • Community drama consultants
  • Community youth arts leader
  • Entrepreneurial possibilities
  • Graduate studies

* Students wishing to obtain certification from the Ministry of Education and Training must enrol in a Faculty of Education upon successful completion of this programme.

Required Courses

While every attempt is made to keep this up to date, please keep in mind that the official list of required courses can be found in the Undergraduate Course Calendar.

For Program Outcomes, please click here


Year I
DRAM-1000 Intro to Theatre I (+ lab)
DRAM-2000 Intro to Theatre II (+ lab)
DRAM-1600 Intro to Drama in Education & Community I
DRAM-1610 Intro to Drama in Education & Community II

Year II
DRAM-2770 Improvisation and Self Development
DRAM-2840 Creative Movement and Voice I
DRAM-2600 Drama in the Classroom: Principles and Theories
DRAM-2610 Drama in the Classroom: Applications I
DRAM-2670 Applied Theatre

Year III
DRAM-2250 Introductory Acting I
DRAM-3600 Drama in the Classroom: Applications II
DRAM-3710 Literacy in Action

Year IV
DRAM-4790 – Directed Studies in Drama in Education & Community (can be taken twice for credit)

Plus two of the following courses:
DRAM-3780 Theatre for Social Action
DRAM-4700 Theatre for Young Audiences
DRAM-4710 Drama and Community: Applications (May be repeated for credit if assignments or approaches are significantly varied)

Five additional Drama courses, to be identified in consultation with a faculty advisor.


PSYC-1150 Introduction to Psychology I (+ lab)
PSYC-1160 Introduction to Psychology II (+ lab)
GART-1500 Effective Writing I
GART-1510 Effective Writing II
Two English courses. Recommended: ENGL-1229, and ENGL-1239
Two language courses or two science courses
Two courses from any area of study excluding Arts
Two Social Science Courses
Eight additional courses from any area of study including Dramatic Art (selection of courses to complement dramatic art training)