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Class Description

Drupal 7 & Web Accessibility Basic Training

Training is mandatory for new editors.

Drupal training is currently being offered in 2 formats:

  1. As a video (link below) that you can watch any time (if you have questions about anything covered in the video you can book a Drupal 7 Drop-in Session to get one-on-one help)
  2. Or as a scheduled virtual class that you can sign-up for below

Watch the Drupal 7 & Web Accessibility Training video

Attend a Drupal 7 & Web Accessibility Training class

The Drupal 7 & Web Accessibility Training class focuses on teaching editors how to create basic pages, upload graphics, make links and use menus. Training includes an overview of the AODA and how to post accessible content. This training is aimed at employees with little previous experience with the system.

Once you complete the training, video or class, you will be eligible to take the Editor Evaluation (part quiz, part practical task). Once you have passed the evaluation you may become a Content Editor on the relevant websites.

Other Support:

ITS maintains a list of Drupal FAQs and a Drupal 7 Online Guide for the Drupal system.
They can be accessed from the main menu of this site or through the links above. These pages replace a traditional printed manual.